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    Cago de risa xD

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    La Trata – Murga El Remolino ( Uruguayan style)

    In February 2020, the Trump administration reached an agreement with the Taliban to withdraw its soldiers in May 2021. Biden said the withdrawal was to be in September, but was forced to bring it forward. On Sunday, August 15, the Taliban took Kabul. At the time of publishing this statement 6,000 U.S. and British troops are limited, in the midst of the chaos, to guarding the airport of the capital to allow their direct collaborators and the officials of the puppet government to escape. Ashraf Ghani, the former Afghan president, has already fled the country.

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    The invasion began on October 7, 2001, less than a month after the terrorist attacks in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, which brought down the Twin Towers and left more than 3,000 dead and wounded.

    The supposed objective of the invasion of Afghanistan, ordered by President George Bush, was to “combat terrorism” and capture Osama Bin Laden, leader of the Al Qaeda organization, considered the mastermind of the attacks, who was a refugee in Afghanistan and protected by his government. The objectives and origins of the attacks that brought down the Twin Towers were never entirely clear.

    Roger Chino “Bachelorette Suwa” Carnival – PRIMICIA 2020

    1HAAF, Erna J., 6.7.1906 (Essen-¿?) Daughter of a plumber, trained as a tailor. Member of the FJC in Essen (1923), joined the Comintern apparatus in 1928 and worked in the Translation Section (1928-1932). Member of the Komsomol (1928-1940), wife of O. Braun (1929). Technical secretary of the CI Secretariat for Eastern countries (1934-1935). Secretary to Van Min* at the Secretariat for South and Central America (1935-1936).

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    2HANSEN, Arvid, (5.5.1894, Kristiansand-24.1.1966, Oslo). Participated in the socialist movement since 1910. Supporter and propagandist of the ideas of the internationalist and anti-militarist conferences of Zimmerwald (08.1915) and Kienthal (04.1916). On behalf of Kyrre Grepp, he sent to the CEIC a report: “The workers’ movement in Argentina”, based on information from A. Elkjaar* (not before 10.1919). Author of the books Socialization in theory and practice, The Soviet Constitution (published in Christiania, in 1920) which were a gift from him to Lenin (1920). Member of the Scandinavian Bureau of the III International in Stockholm (of the CP of Norway and Norwegian Bureau of the CEIC in Christiania, 24.4.1920).

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    He was a patient of Dr. Iturriaga in a clinic for mental rest, being there because he had Tourette’s syndrome. He coincided with Bruno at the clinic and met him under the identity of “Dr. García Baquero”, one of his personalities, even psychoanalyzing the pianist and medicating him. After Bruno’s departure, Agustín is also medically discharged and follows his self-proclaimed friend to Mirador de Montepinar to live with him.

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    When it comes to love, Agustín is love-struck but unable to take decisive steps. He has fallen in love with both Yoli and Lola, although nothing happened as they were unrequited loves. His first serious relationship was with Clarita, with whom he bought Edurne the 2nd A and ran for president of the community, kicking Amador out of the apartment. However, Clarita manipulated Agustín too much and he ended up leaving her. Later he has a relationship with Sonia, who moved in with him and even had wedding plans, but despite accepting his disorder for a while, Sonia ends up leaving him. After that, Agustín ends up renting Fermín’s room. Under the personality of Massimo Dutti, he even slept with Berta.