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    Back to Peru EL CHAPERO, who makes keys

    We currently have service to Mitras, Cumbres, San Jeronimo, Jardines del Valle, Independencia, Centro de Monterrey, Villas Santo de Domingo, Jardines de Anahuac, Casa Blanca, Azteca, Bella Vista. If you live in any of these neighborhoods you can request a locksmith at your doorstep.

    Call us anytime to be connected with a local locksmith. Our representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you. 24 hour locksmith near me

    A Spanish hero : José Mota

    If you want to make a duplicate or require a replacement for your car keys you can call Locrajero Cerca para Autos, who have the equipment and trained professionals to make you a completely new key that works perfectly with your vehicle, including those transponder type keys.

    The word transponder comes from the union of the words Transmitter and Responder. Basically it is a chip, housed in the plastic part, which receives the message sent by a unit inside the car and emits a response. The engine will start only if it receives the appropriate response, so even if you have an exact copy of the key, if you do not have the chip with the precise programming you will not be able to move the car.

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    Call NowThis is an important security measure, in fact, the first cars to use this system were some Corveta models in 1985 and reported a dramatic decrease in the number of stolen cars. And this is precisely why it is not easy to make and program a transponder type key, unless you have the necessary equipment and knowledge to do so. The expert technicians at Cerrajero Cerca | Cerrajero de Carros a Domicilio have all the experience and expertise to be able to make chip keys for all makes and models of vehicles available in just a few minutes.

    Street vendors, florists, locksmiths and greengrocers

    Locksmiths in Monterrey | Cerrajero 24 can handle any type of security requirement, from part replacements to integrated security system installations. The best place to get copies of your keys !

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    The best place to get your key copies in Monterrey, we open house doors, installation of house locks, combination changes and new keys, repair of door locks, copies of normal and high security keys.

    We currently have service to Guadalupe, San Nicolas, San Pedro, Escobedo, Apodaca, Pesqueria, Juarez, La rioja, Santa Catarina and the entire metropolitan area of Monterrey, If you live in any of these municipalities you can request a locksmith to the doors of your house.

    Call us anytime to be connected with a local locksmith. Our representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you. 24 hour locksmith near me


    The products (goods or services) are mainly aimed at the consumption of people who live in residential places (homes or houses), or in movement (pedestrian or mobilized by mechanical means such as cars, buses or minibuses) or attending centers of temporary attraction (events of various kinds) or users of establishments providing services (educational, health, prison and others).

    Thus, it is therefore susceptible to appreciate it from the point of view of formality; although being all of informal level some are openly so, while others have a municipal link (permission, supervisions, special programs).

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    Another division may point to the means of transport: some are human traction (walking, carts, tricycles, bicycles, tables, grills, ovens, etc.); animal (donkeys or mules, horses, carts); and mechanical (cars, vans, vans, trucks and others).

    The Informal Economy Monitoring Study (IEMS) research, conducted in 2012 by Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO) in 10 cities in Africa, Asia and Latin America, has identified several economic and social benefits of street vending. These are some of the impacts that have been detected:[1].