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    In this sense, the forensic locksmith knows how to identify the method used to sabotage and compromise a lock or device, the type of tools used or if it is a simulated event.

    Art Paholke, Chicago Police Department, is considered the father of forensic locksmithing.  In the 1970s, after working in the crime lab, he investigated various methods of attacking locks, safes and keys.  He would look at each attack to determine what changed and what evidence it could provide, he also examined the ways in which cylinder wear affected the marks left by various attacks.  Many modern techniques and procedures used by forensic locksmiths are attributed to Mr. Paholke’s research and innovations.

    Within a short period of time, you will be provided with a relevant, detailed forensic expert report based on criminalistic criteria of evidence inspection and, above all, tailored to the particularities of the case in question, especially with a view to possible subsequent legal proceedings.

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    TipsSometimes we are not aware of the importance of locksmiths for society. Today there are a large number of locksmiths, most of them highly trained and with highly professionalized skills. However, in many occasions, this profession is not taken seriously and even underestimated.

    As a species, security is a must. For that reason, houses, doors and locks were born, an invention that enhanced human security, since it allowed something that did not exist until then, a way to control access to a place and prevent unauthorized people from gaining access to it.

    We can say that the locksmith works as a means of maintaining order in society, to meet the need for security that we have as people, but also exercising it, and avoiding all kinds of events that could be caused if it did not exist.

    As we must always deal with locks in our daily life, and they are objects that can break down and have to be installed and uninstalled, it is evident the need for locksmiths, locksmith professionals, to perform all kinds of tasks related to locks.

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    Once completed, the cross was installed at the confluence of Sierpes and Rioja Streets (former Plaza de la Cerrajería), until the end of the 17th century. Afterwards, it was removed as it was in the way of the royal processions that went from Sierpes Street to Triana.

    In 1729, it was taken to the Convent of the Mínimas, until 1734 when it was returned to its original place. Finally, in 1840 it was taken to the Museum of Fine Arts, to end up in the Plaza de Santa Cruz in 1918.

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    Door opening service in Torrelavega, without breakage and by professional locksmith technicians in Cantabria. If you have forgotten, lost the keys or simply can not open the door for any reason, do not worry our locksmiths in Torrelavega are experts in opening doors in the shortest possible time.

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