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    In this sense, the forensic locksmith knows how to identify the method used to sabotage and compromise a lock or device, the type of tools used or if it is a simulated event.

    Art Paholke, Chicago Police Department, is considered the father of forensic locksmithing.  In the 1970s, after working in the crime lab, he investigated various methods of attacking locks, safes and keys.  He would look at each attack to determine what changed and what evidence it could provide, he also examined the ways in which cylinder wear affected the marks left by various attacks.  Many modern techniques and procedures used by forensic locksmiths are attributed to Mr. Paholke’s research and innovations.

    Within a short period of time, you will be provided with a relevant, detailed forensic expert report based on criminalistic criteria of evidence inspection and, above all, tailored to the particularities of the case in question, especially with a view to possible subsequent legal proceedings.

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    Locksmiths are not only dedicated to install locks. The area of locksmithing comes to increase the quality of life of people and maintain the peace of mind needed to just know that their goods are protected, at home, in their businesses or in any type of establishment where professionals have put their good services.

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    A lock is not an isolated object on a door, it must combine and fit with the rest of the locksmith parts of the place, so that the security system works as a whole and not independently, as these individuality vandals take advantage of to make the intrusion.

    The interesting job of forensic locksmiths is to find out the methods of robberies, the type of instruments, materials and tools used, the times the attacks were executed, the level of violence and even if it is possible to prevent future attacks to place the victims in safeguards and their property.

    Something else that locksmiths can now do is to be able to intervene in the opening or closing of a traditional, mechanical or electronic lock. There should be no doubt that you can count on quality services with a locksmith who uses know-how on the new security products.

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    Locksmiths also install advanced security systems, such as closed-circuit television. Some provide 24-hour emergency service, for example, attending to customers who have locked themselves out with their keys inside or whose lock has been picked.

    Locksmiths are highly skilled personnel. Their work includes everything from the simple job of reproducing a key to emergency opening procedures and the installation of advanced security systems.

    Home services may involve traveling in the area at any time of the day or night to get a vehicle or building door open. Locksmiths often work outdoors, sometimes in bad weather.

    Locksmiths often advise on security and fire protection issues, using their expertise to recommend the most appropriate security systems for the client.

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    Locksmithing is a trade dedicated to the repair and maintenance of locks, padlocks, bolts and cylinders, both for common doors and vehicles. A lock is a metal mechanism installed to prevent doors and lids from being opened without a key. Locksmiths can work with all known lock and latch systems, although the wide variety of locks used – which increases the protection of protected goods and persons – requires a certain degree of specialization.

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    Locksmithing is an art and is generally learned by inheritance: it is passed down from person to person, while other skills are acquired empirically. Nowadays there are technical schools of locksmithing, and manuals and guides to practice if you want to learn the trade.

    Nowadays, locksmiths also perform other types of work, although not entirely destined to locksmithing, understanding these jobs as extras for locksmiths. Although not all locksmiths perform these practices, it is increasingly common to see it. These jobs are: