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    Como abrir una puerta sin llaves / how to open a door without keys

    New! Now we also repair dashboards, such as the Ford Focus dashboard. Do you have a Ford Focus and sporadically it does not start? Sometimes some dashboard lights come on randomly? At other times the car loses power or stops in the middle of a … Read More

    The Swiss high security cylinder brand KESO launches the KESO ULTRA cylinder, the best cylinder in the world in our opinion. KESO is a Swiss manufacturer of high-end cylinders that is at the forefront of security … Read More

    Do you want home alarms without fees? At Juanjo Cerrajeros Security we can help you. We have been providing security to homes and businesses in Alicante since 1996, our specialty is to protect the home so that the assault or entry of thieves does not occur, … Read More

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    In Juanjo Cerrajeros Alicante we change your car key casings on the spot and at the best price. Nowadays every time we make a greater use of internet, either for information or to purchase products. Internet has facilitated us … Read More

    Ford f150 how to program remote control very easy 20 seconds

    The price depends on the RAM model, if it has or has not transponder chip. Key copies without transponder are priced from 8€ and with transponder action from 35€.    The price of the key copy with transponder and chip is from 95€, depending on the model. These prices are up to 75% cheaper than those of the official dealer, and the copies are fully functional.

    Do you have a problem with the key or the lock of your vehicle? We will come and repair it at your home. Call us and we will give you a price without obligation. Always indicating if it has or not, of key starting.

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    Ford F150 key programming

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    Mazda 6 2006 3 Button Camb key repair

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    In case of a different procedure, only the aluminum door casing is torn off the door, without being able to establish a sufficient opening in the door lock area.

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    The door is to be opened in separate lockable rooms or, if the climate permits, in pens, which have a separate drainage and are located in such a way as to prevent contamination.

    necessary by the competent authority, they must also have separate lockable premises or climate permitting, pens for sick or suspect animals with separate draining and sited in such a way as to avoid contamination of other animals.

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