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Safes locksmith

    Safe key copy

    In the locksmith business you will find that prices vary depending on the type of services you want to hire, before hiring one service or another we recommend you to request a quote for what you need. Once you have a list of quotes from different locksmiths for the same job you can compare between the prices you received and their recommendations, and thus hire the one that suits you best. Another important factor is the quality of the work without forgetting that it is apart from the price. Our locksmith prices are affordable and competitive in the market, as well as our speed, which is something you should also value when looking to provide the best possible service.

    Locksmith santiago safe

    In our locksmith in Vigo we offer a lot of services related to the sector, one of the most requested is the copy or duplicate car keys and house keys, as well as our urgent locksmith service or the service of opening safes of any kind.

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    It is for this reason that the professionals of Cerrajería Placer, we are in constant training to be aware of all the techniques that arise daily to unlock a safe, in case of loss of the key or breakdown of the opening system.

    In order to have access to a safe that opens by means of a numerical combination, it is necessary to have this digit. In case you have forgotten it, it will be necessary to request the safe opening services of Cerrajería Placer.

    The safes that open by fingerprint recognition have the most innovative technology in the industry. To proceed to the opening of the security system of these safes, it will be enough to place our finger on the fingerprint reader. It is necessary that our fingerprint is registered in the memory of this reader to be able to open the safe in question.

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    Safe keys

    If you have an old grade safe, but it has become outdated, we can update it to comply with regulations since “establishments are required to have a security storage unit, as regulated by the UNE EN 1142-1 standard”. This happens especially in the lottery administrations, so it is necessary to homologate the safes of the lottery administrations to class 2.

    Technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. Without a request, voluntary compliance by your Internet Service Provider, or additional records from a third party, information stored or retrieved solely for this purpose cannot be used to identify you.

    How to open a bash safe without a key

    To open a safe without destroying it is necessary to have the precise knowledge of how the interior mechanism of the safe works, in this way we can determine the technique to be used to open the safe.

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    We have the necessary experience to open mechanical and electronic safes. We can reset most of the electronic locks of safes so you do not have to change the electronic lock and invest in a new one.

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