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Safe key locksmith

    Locked safe

    The world of technology never ceases to innovate and the locksmith sector is not going to be less innovative. Some of the most innovative mechanisms in this sector can be found in key safes, also known as key safe deposit boxes or key safes. Do you know what they are?

    A key safe is installed at the entrance of the house and, after closing the main door, the garage and any other access, we can deposit the keys in this highly secure safe.

    With this system you will never again have to worry about carrying all your keys with you, because as soon as you approach the entrance of your home you will be able to open your key safe and have them at your disposal whenever you need them.

    If you want to make sure that you will never be in the situation of not being able to access your home, come to our locksmith in Vigo and make a copy of the key to your home or a duplicate of the key to your garage. Keep them in a key safe and avoid any misfortune.

    Safe maintenance

    The 24 hour safe opening by locksmiths El Trasgu offers a service as locksmiths with guarantee for the opening of safe 24 hours in an average time of less than 30 min. We provide this service so you do not have to wait in the central area in Asturias where we have mobile units for the most relevant locations.

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    We can open your safe 24 hours whether you left the keys inside, if you lost the keys, or if your safe is simply broken and does not open, or you left your keys inside the safe.

    You can pay your safe opening 24 hours by card, because our operators carry in the vehicle the means to do it on site, check the availability of the service when you call to request to open your safe 24 hours.

    We can also open your safe in 24 hours for evictions, evictions or dations in payment, with an agreed time service and a large stock of material for the immediate replacement of parts and elements necessary for opening your safe 24 hours.

    How to open a key safe

    What sets us apart from other professionals?  We have a team of professionals specialized in opening safes, one of the most complex jobs in the locksmith world.

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    In the locksmith world, one of the most complex jobs is the opening of safes.  The moment you acquire one of these safes and you get ready to store your most valuable and dearest goods, you visualize the security guarantee that this device offers you to keep your most precious objects safe and under protection.

    Each model of safe has its own particularity when it comes to opening, so it is very important to know and have worked with them many times, to be perfectly aware of the mechanism of each of the boxes and the convenient opening system.

    The most normal thing is that you cannot open the safe due to loss of key, forgetting the combination or failure of the electronic system. Perhaps it is the opposite, that you cannot close it. Don’t worry, we have the solution whatever your case is.

    How much does a locksmith charge for making a key?

    As we have already highlighted on other occasions, the locksmith services provided by Cerrajería Veloz seek to go far beyond conventional work. In addition to standing out for our 24 hour urgent locksmith service in Vigo, Salceda, Nigrán and other areas of Pontevedra, we offer everything you may need in our field.

    With the firm purpose of maintaining this commitment, in skills such as key duplication we specialize in different areas: from duplicate house keys and car keys to duplicate keys for safes.

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    First of all, the model of the safe must be evaluated in order to adjust to the requirements of the safe. We must take into account that nowadays there is a wide range of possibilities in relation to this protection product, and it is necessary to adapt the key to the type of safe in particular to get the most out of it.

    In Veloz Locksmith, thanks to our extensive knowledge in the field of security systems, we achieve the best results. With our urgent locksmith service we take care of the opening of these components as well as the repair, installation and, if necessary, duplication of the security key.