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Phillips locksmith

    2017 phillips locks catalog pdf

    In the previous installment we listed only some of the tools that should not be missing in a locksmith’s box or workshop. In this article we will complete the list. Do you have one to write down?

    Having a set of files and rasps on hand will be useful mainly for installation tasks. For example, to give a correct finish to the drilling for a lock. If you have the possibility, it is recommended to buy a set that includes needle files.

    It is characterized by its particular shape: one side of its head is used for hammering like any other hammer. But the other side of its head is pointed, for finer work. This end is used to loosen or break parts of the lock.

    It is one of the tools that could be classified as “destructive”. It is often used in conjunction with the cylinder extractor. It is used to break locks of any type, when there is no other option left.

    As the locksmith’s tools are not too large, a box with several levels or compartments is usually preferred. Sometimes they have a drawer-like structure. This way you can keep each of the tools tidy and in view.

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    Phillips lock

    That is why the loss of the key or that the lock is jammed can generate moments of despair and uneasiness. That is why we have decided to prepare this article in which we bring you some recommendations on how to open a Phillips lock.

    The methods to open Phillips locks are no different from the rest, as long as we know what type of lock it is and what the problem is that prevents it from opening. For example, one of the main reasons why we cannot open a lock is because we misplaced the key. It can also be because the handle is broken or because the internal mechanism is simply faulty.

    In some of the cases, drilling the center of the cylinder of the plate will be enough to open it. In other cases, we must drill above the plate cylinder or below it, depending on where the latch is located. It is important to remember that the latch is the metal part that goes in and out of the door once it is open or closed.

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    Assa abloy phillips

    All digital products for residential use that Assa Abloy sells in Mexico are sold under the YALE brand. It also has the YALE CONNECT platform, which consists of an application to operate locks in different places and remotely via the Internet. With this app we can know the status of the lock, open or close it and give access to other people with digital keys.

    The leading company has been working closely with locksmiths through the Installers Club, a workshop that helps locksmiths to increase their range of products they can offer to end users, sharing with them higher value-added solutions such as digital locks, electronic access control systems, electromagnets.

    The locksmith industry is quite traditional and is attached to certain idiosyncrasies or culture of the countries, the adoption curve of a new product, a new technology takes time, however these systems are extremely easy, end users will have no problem using them.

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