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    The contentious hip hop groups Escuadrón Patriota and Los Aldeanos will heat up the stage of the emblematic Heredia Theater, when they perform tonight as special guests of a rap concert.

    “Bringing our message here to Santiago is extremely important at a time like this when there is a lot of youth with expectations, when there is a lot of youth wanting to hear specific things about the Cuban reality,” says Raudel.

    He adds that on this trip to Santiago he has had the opportunity to talk with young people in the region and “the feeling of the youth is the same, they have the same faith and the same need for social transformation in Cuba and in all areas. So we come with our message here, which is precisely a critical message, a message of protest, but also a message of faith, hope and the need for a transformation that everyone expects on the island”.

    “The youth is very excited to have them here, there is a great expectation. We have distributed flyers in the streets. Many people can’t believe we are here because a first attempt has already been suspended”, explains the cultural promoter.

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    “Patricio Clemente Caracoles y Cerrajería!”-. “The surnames, I kept thinking, are fine; especially the maternal one, I’m proud of it; it’s a guarantee. Cerrajería, Cerrajero…, Cerrojo…. Magnificent! I carry in this surname a safe, one of those that shoot themselves against thieves. Snails… not bad either. I like the snail’s life; it has been said: there is no man without a man; I say: there is no man without a shell; he who is not testaceous, let him die. But… Clemente, what’s that all about? Patricio!…. As if to say: patriot… patriot… patriotic… Oh, what a laugh!

    After that he had done a lot of business, all very nice for him; and as he had become accustomed in his old dealings to charge the door, for him every business had to have a door, and a golden door, because it always had to be charged. He always, in any contract, had to take a tithe of door, or vi or clan or metu, but he always took it. And to ease his conscience, he would say: “This is for the door”.

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    The vice-president of the government presents her project in Madrid with criticism of the role of the parties in the disaffection of citizens towards politics and the vindication of economic democracy as the basis of her project.

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    Teenage girls have a higher risk of problematic Internet use than boys of the same age. While experts advise avoiding the simplistic discourse around cell phone addiction or the effects of the screen on mental health, more and more young people are confronting machismo and fatphobia on the Internet.

    Advances in women’s reproductive rights in Latin America, propelled by a broad feminist movement, contrast with the reorganization of the extreme right and the involution of abortion rights in the United States.

    Conflicting clauses. practical cases.”

    (Naguevich, Galicia, 1856 – Lvov, 1916) Ukrainian writer and patriot. Influenced by contemporary democratic writers, he participated in the formation of the labor movement and the Ukrainian Radical Party. He defended the progressive ideology and national independence against the Vienna government.

    The son of a locksmith, Ivan Franko managed to pursue regular studies and graduated in philosophy in the city of Lvov. A disciple of Drahomaniv and a member of the youth movement that sought to promote popular progress, he was accused of subversive ideas. Arrested three times during the period 1877-89, he suffered the opposition of the Austrian government to his parliamentary candidacy and to an appointment as professor at the University of Lvov.

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    An illustrious poet and scientist, Ivan Franko is, after Shevchenko, the most celebrated, fecund and multiform writer of Ukrainian literature. He cultivated all forms of word art, but he achieved his best results in poetry; among his books of poems are Stonecutter, Moses, Withered Leaves and Lys Mykyta. His narrative works include Boa constrictor, Zachar Berkut and Tales of Borislav; for the stage he wrote the dramas Stolen Happiness and The Master. Not to be forgotten are his numerous texts on philosophy, philology and popular science; he also translated into Ukrainian many works and authors of world literature, from Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes to Shakespeare’s tragedies, including Dante, Goethe, Dostoevsky and Lord Byron, among many others.