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National locksmithing institute

    Free locksmith course

    Undersecretary Miguel Marón presented the Mi Cerrajería National Program, which will provide training, consultancy and financing from 50 to 150 thousand pesos for the modernization of locksmiths’ shops.

    This program consists of the administrative, technological and commercial modernization of locksmiths, said the official at the inauguration of the Eighth Expo Cerrajeros, which was attended by manufacturers, distributors and goldsmith artisans.

    “Until today, the locksmith, the micro-entrepreneur, had no way to access technology, had no money to change machinery, to make his production processes efficient, and that, naturally, was taking him out of the competition,” he said.

    Marón Manzur explained that this program is based on two major components: training and consulting, and financing for the acquisition and renewal of equipment for the development of a new image.

    The Undersecretary for SMEs said that this tool is part of the National Microenterprise Program, which aims to increase the competitiveness of economic units through a technological, commercial and administrative modernization scheme that will enable them to consolidate their position in the market.

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    The locksmith course includes 150 to 250 hours of professional internships in a company. Ask our training advisors about the possibility of doing this internship in your province after the end of the course. Internships are optional and not mandatory.

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    Locksmith school

    The Centro Nacional de Educación a Distancia, an entity affiliated to Instituto ALDEY and Instituto IADE, specializes in the development, production and delivery of training courses and distance learning. Its headquarters are located in downtown Montevideo, at 832 Mercedes Street, in front of the National Auditorium of the Sodre Dr. Adela Reta.

    Our Training Service is certified by LSQA (LATU – Quality Austria) under international standard ISO 29993 in the following areas: Agriculture; Air Conditioning; Construction and related areas; Education; Aesthetics, Health and Beauty; Electrical Engineering; Business; Gastronomy; Vehicle Mechanics; Technology; Clothing.

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    Learning is online and is done through explanations and procedures in videos and/or texts and other interactive content. The student can also receive support through online classes or by other means (e-mail, telephone, chat, etc.) from our experienced teachers and the kind attention of our educational advisors.

    In certain courses, the student can also attend practical classes in the workshops and laboratories of Instituto ALDEY and Instituto IADE (Electrical Engineering, Automotive and Diesel Mechanics, Motorcycle Mechanics, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Locksmithing, Hairdressing, Cell Phone Repair).

    How much does a locksmith course cost?

    With almost 40 thousand inhabitants Burjassot is a municipality with constant demands for urgent locksmith services that ADM Cerrajeros Burjassot has been able to cover in a distinguished way, so that many people call us because they have been previously recommended by satisfied customers. We usually find urgent services in premises and properties with locks with excessive wear or attempted theft. Also people who have left their keys inside the house, or who have lost them. Whatever your situation is, at ADM Cerrajeros 24 horas Burjassot we know how to help you.

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    Our team of 24 hour locksmiths Burjassot performs all kinds of openings. Shutters, safes, vehicles, gates, security doors. Nothing resists our team of urgent locksmiths in Burjassot. We can open doors whose keys have been lost or stolen in record time, so you can re-enter your vehicle, premises or home with little waiting.

    Urgent locksmiths with facility to move quickly to any address in Burjassot, either in central neighborhoods or in neighboring areas. You only have to give us the address, describe your problem and an urgent locksmith on call will come to the destination with everything necessary to give you the best solution.