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    Copies of keys from $75 dollars ! Keys for Mercedes BenzKeys for Mecedes BenzWe have a technician specializing in locksmith Mercedes Benz from 2006 onwards. We prepare your key from scratch or make your spare copy all the work is done at the time in the comfort of your home.Mercedes Key RepairLook no further, we specialize in the repair of Mercedes keys and have the latest technology in electronic machinery and a qualified staff in key repair. We repair more than 95% of the keys that come to our laboratory, but unfortunately there are times when it is not possible repair in that case we can offer a new key with total reliability of operation, currently all new keys that we generate are with the new format of Mercedes, the key photo with chrome sides, at a lower price than the official Mercedes service.Payment Methods

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    We make, program and clone keys with transponder chip. Unlocking, key making, sale and repair of locks and ignition switches. Sale and repair of remote controls for Mercedes-Benz cars. Programming of keys and remote controls. Combination changes, both electronic and mechanical

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    It is common that the loss or forgetfulness of keys occur in the early morning or late at night, for that reason we have implemented the 24 hour locksmith service so you can always have a quality service when an unfortunate event occurs as loss of keys for Mercedes-Benz cars.

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    Nowadays most of the vehicles are opened remotely by means of remote controls. These remotes usually also incorporate the traditional key, so they can be used to open and close the car from a distance or to do it in a physical way.

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    Car owners will know how important it is that these remote control keys are always in good condition to avoid unpleasant surprises and being stranded in the middle of a place without being able to open your car. Therefore, one of the specialties we offer in Locksmith Veloz is the duplicate keys with remote control of high-end cars, such as Mercedes.

    In our locksmiths in Vigo, Nigrán and Salceda we carry out various repairs and duplicate keys with remote control of cars of all kinds, so you always have a spare and the security of a second alternative to any emergency. We are specialized in the copy of keys of medium range vehicles, as well as cars belonging to prestigious brands such as Mercedes and BMW.

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    Its service area in the locksmith line ranges from the duplication of a key to the opening of high security boxes, without neglecting all other services such as: repair of padlocks and locks, installation of keys for cars, combination changes to all types of locks including vehicles, double mastering of locks, etc..