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Mazda locksmith

    Mazda 3 keys

    The price depends on the Mazda model, if it has or has not transponder chip. Key copies without transponder are priced from 8€ and with transponder action from 35€.    The price of the key copy with transponder and chip is from 95€, depending on the model. These prices are up to 75% cheaper than those of the official dealer, and the copies are fully functional.

    Do you have a problem with the key or the lock of your vehicle? We will come and repair it at your home. Call us and we will give you a price without obligation. Always indicating if it has or not, of key starting.

    Automotive locksmith

    We make, program, and clone transponder chip keys. Unlocking, key making, sales and repair of locks and ignition switches. Sales and repair of remote controls for Mazda cars. Programming of keys and remote controls. Combination changes, both electronic and mechanical

    It is common that the loss or forgetfulness of keys occur in the early morning or late at night, for that reason we have implemented the 24 hour locksmith service so that you can always have a quality service when an unfortunate event occurs as loss of keys for Mazda cars.

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    Copy key mazda 2

    In Tagor Cerrajería we are specialists in making key copies of all brands of car, we have the most advanced and specialized machinery that allows us to make the copy of your Mazda key with the same features and functionality as the original key.

    The confidence that our customers give us makes us more and more professional and meticulous in our work, offering the best quality-price so that our customers feel satisfied with us. Make now your copy of Mazda car key with Tagor Cerrajería and save yourself unnecessary scares.

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    In Tagor Cerrajería in Tacoronte we make copies of Mazda key with total ease. Save on costs and time, our auto locksmiths will make the copy of Mazda key as soon as possible and at a very affordable price. Your Mazda key copy identical to the original made with the best machinery on the market and with all the experience of our professionals.

    Now you can save on costs, while in your official dealer will charge you large sums for copies or repair of the housing of your Mazda, in Tagor Cerrajería in Tacoronte our operators in autocerrajeria with specialized machinery will repair the housing of your Mazda car key without any difficulty, instantly and with economic price. In addition we also perform the copy of the Mazda car key casing from the original one.

    How much does it cost to duplicate mazda 3 key

    We are specialized in making copies of keys for Mazda cars, so if you have lost your car keys, they have stopped working properly or you simply want to have a spare set of keys, you have come to the right place.

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    If you have lost your car keys and don’t have any spare keys, we can also offer you fast and efficient solutions.  Ask for our key recovery service in case you lose your car keys.

    In our catalog we have a wide variety of lock cylinders for Mazda, for all models of the Japanese firm, and you can choose between repairing the lock or installing a completely new one. Take advantage of our benefits and change the lock of your Mazda in record time.