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Locksmiths jobs


    The security in the home, office or business must be fundamental, since it is about the integrity of patrimonial goods and of the most loved ones. For this reason, it is very important to always do it with specialized technicians and professional companies.

    Security systems are essential in any home or business, because they provide peace of mind and confidence. Everything counts, from simple alarms to the most sophisticated CCTV equipment, but without a doubt, the most used everywhere are the door locking mechanisms and other locks and protection devices.

    A door with a weak lock is a vulnerable point in every home, which can put at risk not only people’s property, but also something more valuable: the integrity of their loved ones.

    It is really important to make sure that the locking mechanisms in accesses and doors really provide security; if you don’t start there, everyone’s safety will simply be at risk. Even if the most advanced alarm and remote monitoring systems in the world are installed, without reliable doors there will be no security.

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    How does a locksmith work? – PART 2

    In locksmith companies the staff is constantly coming and going, making communication difficult, as well as other aspects of internal management. With Goltratec’s “Work reports” app, say goodbye to all these problems, you can take care of all the internal management of your locksmith company through this mobile application!

    Not only do we offer you a tool to carry out the internal management of your company and promote communication within your staff. We also provide you with support and personalized attention. Contact us and we will solve any doubt or problem you may have.

    The Work Parts app is free and you only have to pay if you need to share your information with the rest of your team. Organize your company’s locksmith jobs for less than 1 coffee a day.

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    What does a Locksmith need? What Material

    It is needed official 1ª Locksmith with experience in work with electrode for several works in madrid. Indispensable to have course of prevention of labor risks of 20 h specific by trade. Knowledge of other trades will be valued. Immediate incorporation. job offer 1st official locksmith needed

    Locksmith company 24h needs installer of armored doors and locksmith with minimum notions in locksmithing (formation in charge of the company), autonomous or by staff. Indispensable own vehicle offer of employment installer armored doors and locksmith

    Other repairs such as cutting of parts, joining of plates and other elements with welding, forging of plates, repair of cast elements, assembly of locks, latches and bolts, shelves, rings, hasps, hinges…

    Grupestar locksmith jobs

    Fill out daily records obligaDreta de l’Eixample, Barcelona4 hours agoSign upIncorporación inmediata! No experience€1100-€1350 monthlyFull timeFull timeShop AssistantTECNO-KEY-

    vGothic Quarter, Barcelonahace 23 days agoSign upInscribirse ¡Incorporación inmediata!Jornada completaOficial Carpinteria metalicaJruizSe precisa oficial 1ª para taller carpintería metalica / cerrajeria en hierro

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    Experience in the assembly, repair and maintenance of ironwork and ironworkDreta de l’Eixample, Barcelona1 month agoSign upJoin immediately!€1200-€1500 monthlyFull timeWorkerMultisegur Plus S LClerrajería located in Horta (Barcelona).

    A socially responsible work environment and committed to diversity, so we welcome all those candidatesBarcelona, Catalonia8 hours agoWarehouse Attendant – Centro Médico TeknonQuirónsaludWarehouse Attendant – Centro Médico Teknon.

    The position is for a Warehouse Assistant. We are looking for an experienced Warehouse Assistant to join our team. We have experts in prestiBarcelona, Cataluny1 day agoDependiente/a L’Illa Diagonal 30 hrsiAgora EuropaDependiente/a L’Illa Diagonal 30 hrsiAgora EuropaDependiente/a L’Illa Diagonal 30 hrs.