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Locksmith van setup

    How to install car security badge

    Next we are going to explain the qualities of each one of the deadbolts that we like and with this we want to clarify your doubts and help you to make the decision of which is the best deadbolt for your door.

    FAC deadbolts, LINCE deadbolts, IFAM deadbolts, INTERFER deadbolts, SAG deadbolts, among others. Even within each brand there are different models and different levels of security, which further complicates the possible choice and thus make a successful purchase.

    For security and economy reasons, the best deadbolt lock should allow you to change the cylinder, that is to say that in case of loss of keys, theft or problems with the cylinder, it is not necessary to change the whole lock, but only the cylinder.

    It is very common that in order to increase the security level of any door, most of the customers directly think that a FAC bolt is the best solution.    “Something like when we ask for a yogurt, we ask for a Danone”. The same happens with some locksmiths, hardware stores or big chains that the first thing they usually offer is precisely a FAC deadbolt.

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    Ufo van locks

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    In Cerrajeros Barrera we are experts in automotive locksmiths and we can help you, advise you to choose the best model of security lock for your vehicle, we can also perform the assembly of the security lock on your van and we take care of all the issue of approvals. We have security locks for light commercial vehicles and vans. Carefully developed in collaboration with the European leaders in the world of logistics and e-commerce.

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    UFO+ is the lock that, since 2012, protects light commercial vehicles thanks to its automatic locking system and its practical reversible flat key. The security lock remains fixed on the door, is spring-loaded and there is no way to forget to open it.

    Locksmith van setup
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    Let’s show you how we do it, “a video is worth a thousand words.” watch the process with the main actions of the assembly performed by our experts in the installation of the UFO+ van anti-theft lock ▶.

    SECURITY LOCK FOR VAN UFO+SECURITY LOCK FOR VAN UFO+ (SET 2 LOCKS SAME KEY)and contact us to request this new service. Because we adapt to the needs of our customers, we are flexible and we are always open to improve the quality of our products and services thinking, in this case, to offer the best security and complete the purchase with the installation of the UFO+ anti-theft van lock in our facilities.

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    *We install the UFO+ Meroni anti-theft lock in our facilities in Calle Montecarlo n.º 1 28942 Fuenlabrada (Madrid) (*Exclusive and optional service for the customers who buy the UFO+ anti-theft lock in our physical or online store).

    It is essential that the UFO+ lock is installed correctly following the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer and if it is done by professionals increases the tranquility in our commercial vehicle or van, fulfilling all the expectations, of the high security range, offered by the UFO+ Meroni anti-theft lock.