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    Very fast, totally professional and would use them again. Not much more to say about the locksmiths, but “all the keys work!” 🙂 Thanks to Automotive Locksmith – you guys were great to work with.

    I copied a house key and the key did not work. When I compared the original to the copy, the copy didn’t even look like the original. Clearly it was a machine error. What pisses me off is that it cost 2-3 times the price of a normal copy at your local locksmith and the machine has in bold letters 100% GUARANTEED SATISFACTION! When I called customer service, they said it was a calibration error that “happens from time to time”.

    Expensive but fast and fairly accurate. I bought two keys and got the third one free. The free decorative one didn’t work. But I was in a time crunch, so I didn’t go back to fix it. It usually costs $2 per key per duplicate. These are $9. But very convenient and fast when most locksmiths are closed. I would use again.

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    Locksmiths Malaga, we offer services 24 hours a day, for any emergency mishap that may arise with your locks, keys, safe deposit boxes and others. Do not take hasty measures when it comes to your security, always consult with experts and professionals of Cerrajeros Malaga, is the best way to take a step ahead to all eventualities that may occur. Our locksmiths will be more than prepared in their installation and handling. One of our locksmiths Malaga will come to your home and solve the problem in a very short time. All the materials and manufacturers that we, Cerrajeros Malaga work with are always the ones that guarantee us the best options, best performance and security. Many times these unlicensed locksmiths who are often also inexperienced, unprofessional and simply call themselves “Cerrajeros” are simply trying to make as much money as possible, therefore giving very harmful and wrong advice.

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    LOCKSMITH COURSE AT A DISTANCE. Take this Online Course on Locksmithing and get the necessary tools to become an expert in the field of locksmithing. Give a boost that your professional career deserves, train yourself completely at your own pace and from anywhere, we are waiting for you!

    In the field of locksmithing, it is necessary to know the different types of locks, as well as their correct installation and different opening techniques. Thus, this locksmith course is intended to provide the necessary knowledge about locksmithing.

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    This locksmith course prepares you to acquire training on the different ways of installation and opening of locks, as well as other activities related to locksmithing, recognizing that you have acquired the necessary knowledge for professional dedication.

    This course is aimed at professionals in the world of locksmithing, construction, or other related fields, and to all those people interested in acquiring knowledge related to locksmithing.