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Locksmith that makes motorcycle keys

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    A motorcycle locksmith is generally a professional who in the first instance began his career dedicated to automotive locksmithing. And then, with specializations and trainings also dedicated to motorcycles. Most of them with experience that has been acquired from generation to generation. But you may also ask yourself: What does a locksmith do?

    The main thing is to have the necessary tools to be able to solve the problem. And in that case the most important thing is to call a specialist. But you can also have one of the equipment used by the locksmith; it is called a volvedor, which consists of a manual iron instrument. By means of a threaded system and a sliding cam in the shape of a “v”, it is used to be able to clamp the equipment to the appropriate end of the lock of the motorcycle (of the fuel tank, ignition or luggage rack).

    And finally, if you are thinking of improving the security system of your motorcycle or you want to have a contact close to your area with a motorcycle locksmith in Easy Casa we have a register of professionals who can send you a quote or personalized attention.

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    Motorcycle locksmith at home

    We consulted with Deicy Areiza, advisor of Llaves Medellin and she told us that almost all motorcycle keys are “normal keys or shingles cut keys” and added that ‘some motorcycle brands such as BWS, NMAX, YAMAHA FINO and AKT FLEX, manufacture keys that have magnets on their heads that are used to remove the Switch lock. Others come with a chip key and others (very few) with a proximity control key.

    In this type of motorcycle key, the part that is inserted into the locks and is made of aluminum, steel or brass, is flat and has the same thickness from beginning to end. It has a shingled groove in the middle, which forms the turning code.

    If the wrong key is inserted or the switch is broken (which is precisely the most common theft system used by thieves), the motorcycle’s computer blocks the engine ignition and prevents it from moving.

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    The proximity or presence function means that the control must always be close to the motorcycle for it to start. When this control is moved away, the motorcycle turns off and deactivates until the control is close again. These controls are configured with the bike so that no other control can be used to activate it.

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    Locksmith Service ™ can handle all motorcycles with our multitude of methods and services. Our massive team of technicians is highly experienced in every make and model imaginable.

    It will take approximately 15 to 30 minutes depending on your proximity to our available automatic locksmiths. Our automatic locksmiths are on the road all the time, so they are likely to be there sooner rather than later. The automatic locksmith technician is trained to communicate with you.

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    We are also specialists in repairing and duplicating all types of car keys. If the remote control of your car has stopped working or if you have damaged the housing or the buttons come to our store and we will give you a fast, effective and economical solution. On the other hand, if you need a duplicate of your remote control or if you want a spare key, we also have the perfect solution: fast, with total guarantee of operation and at a price always more affordable than at the dealership.

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    Our technicians travel to any point of Madrid to perform all kinds of services with the maximum guarantee of professionalism; replacement of cylinders to change keys, repair or change of locks, installation of FAC locks, safes, armored doors, repair of locks and automatisms, installation of grilles etc.. We move, we give budget without commitment and we advise on the best security solution.