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    Right now locksmithing is living a very favorable moment within its field. Locksmithing is booming, the professionals in the sector are truly qualified and offer high quality and professional services. Nowadays, a locksmith is a person capable of providing security solutions in different types of properties: homes, commercial premises, communities, etc.

    It is an ancient profession, which initially began as blacksmiths, since they go hand in hand with the use of forging (process used to melt iron, shape it and be able to use it, and in the case of locksmithing, to form keys and locks).

    Today’s locksmith is not only to solve emergency locksmithing, it also requires more knowledge. A locksmith must be constantly updated on all the new mechanical or electronic techniques in the industry, and in turn be able to offer a service accordingly.

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    Therefore, today’s locksmith is valued for his knowledge of security systems of all kinds, but without leaving behind the locks and locks of a lifetime. It is taken into account that he not only performs his work, but also offers a long-term warranty.

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    The locksmith trade does not require a degree or specialization as such to be able to develop it. It is often inherited from family members, although nowadays it is possible to be trained in locksmithing and obtain the knowledge to be a professional in this field.The tasks of the locksmith trade range from opening doors to repairing locking mechanisms.  Such as locks or padlocks, the trade of tools in this sector, making keys capable of opening a series of similar locks, making copies, among other functions.

    In addition, each of our courses, masters and postgraduate degrees regardless of the category of study that is, have different training programs that you can find more detailed in each of the courses and on our website. The training programs we have are:

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    The development of the “Yale Certified Technician” program in its first version resulted in the successful certification of John Mora and Jean Paul Guarin; who received an identification that accredits them as Yale certified technicians or locksmiths in the installation of digital products.

    Therefore, if you are thinking of acquiring and installing a Yale digital lock, do not hesitate to request the assistance of one of our certified technicians, they have all the support and guarantee of our brand.


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