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Locksmith starter kit

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    The locksmith’s trade | Noticias de Yucatán

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    Teminsa Presentation.

    Geminy’s security shields are completely made of steel, adding pieces of hardened steel and finally a galvanized hardening that gives it a great resistance to corrosion.

    The cylinder and the fastening screws are hidden under the escutcheon, by means of a special key the escutcheon is opened, giving access to the cylinder.

    Emergency serviceIn the face of a stressful and tense situation such as losing the keys, forgetting them inside the vehicle, house, forgetting the security combination, a key aspect in the operation of locksmiths is their availability.

    We are specialists in car locksmiths, car key copying, lock repair, coding of car key fobs for all brands, trust our experience and knowledge in all types of vehicles!

    We offer professional locksmith services. We are a company with extensive experience and high specialization in any locksmith task, always using the most avant-garde methods.

    How to open locks? by trying out lock picking tools

    Although at first we all think that we will get better results using “professional” tools, I am sorry to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. The industrial tools that you can buy in different places, are just that, industrial, with all the good and bad that entails.

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