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    KATANA INDUSTRIES is a commercial brand that offers courses adapted to different levels of training in locksmithing and quick opening of doors, and which are intended to meet the needs of fire departments, police and other rescue teams in emergency situations.

    Developed exclusively for law enforcement, firefighters and rescue teams, the technique develops a unique locksmithing methodology that facilitates access to interiors in emergency situations.

    The different techniques of the Katana Method are applicable in most locks and security systems installed in homes, premises and warehouses that can be opened in just a few seconds.

    The Katana – Firefighters Course is a training course designed to provide the minimum knowledge and basic experience in the rapid opening of doors in emergencies. With this course, each student acquires basic training in quick locksmithing and allows them to practice the basic maneuvers on real locks and doors.

    Lock material

    So where does that leave the locksmith? The business seems to be at a crossroads: so a locksmith who wants to subsist must ask himself what to do, whether to specialize or expand the range of services he can provide.

    “There are fewer locksmiths in business today,” says Gale Johnson, publisher of Locksmith Ledger,a U.S.-based monthly magazine, whose family still owns a locksmith business. “There is more need for security, but not more need for locksmiths.”

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    The business is at a crossroads, he says; perhaps a new term, such as “Security Professional,” is needed to make it clear that “we are no longer mechanical specialists, but offer a wide range of solutions, both mechanical and electronic. “

    Today, in order to subsist, locksmiths have reinvented themselves and adapted to technology, and have even learned electronics, is the advice given by the president of the European Locksmith Federation, Dave O’Toole.

    Today, many customers are adapting to technology in terms of security and locksmithing, adapting their locks to smart locks, and where artificial intelligence is being integrated into the home, if a locksmith is not prepared for these new times, and cannot provide solutions to customers, they will simply lose those customers, as well as potential and future customers.

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    Our locksmith services in Alzira are extremely complete. From this branch of Vicente Camarasa Cerrajeros we have the ability to offer all the solutions we have at our headquarters. To do this, we have specifically trained a professional team.

    The opening of doors by professional locksmiths is one of the most demanded services in Alzira and other Valencian towns. It is common that the citizen forgets his keys inside the house and must resort to a locksmith, emergency or not, to gain access to it. In these cases, our locksmiths have all the knowledge to be able to open, without breakage, all kinds of doors.

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    In businesses as well as in private homes, security has become essential. Therefore, we have dedicated effort and resources to train our locksmiths to offer the best solutions to increase the security of our customers. From the placement of security locks, to the installation of all types of automation, is what you can find in our delegation of Alzira. All this, with the expert and professional advice of our team.

    How to make a door key

    Locksmith is a trade or profession dedicated to the repair and maintenance of locks, padlocks, bolts, cylinders of both common doors as well as vehicles. The locksmith works with all known locking systems. A lock is a mechanism that secures buildings, rooms, cabinets or other storage places against theft.

    A key is commonly used to open a lock. The locksmith can open the lock without having a key that is why we go to them when we lose our keys. They also know how to do all kinds of lock repairs, install and fix locks. The tools used to unlock a lock are called lock picks.

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    It is also called locksmith shop the place where locksmiths work so all the material that the locksmith needs is in the locksmith shop and where they sell and make copies of the keys in the workshop.

    Master keys do not exist, only master keys that open a certain number of locks can be made. For example, if I have 10 locks of the same type, I can make a master key that will open all 10 locks, keeping each lock its individual key. Padlock factories offer this product, which is expensive. An experienced locksmith can do it as well. This is called “key mastering”, and the key that opens all the locks in a given series is called a “master key”.