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Locksmith plano tx 15th street

    Locksmith in brownsville texas

    I went to fix my charging port for my iPhone knowing exactly that was the problem, I went out to pay for a new charging port that was not replaced correctly so the phone wouldn’t even turn on, I went to another known repair store and they fixed my phone with half the time and cheaper price, when I went to confront a previous employee of the store he confessed to having no skills involving replacing a charging port. I don’t know who is in charge there or who is hiring, but I would definitely not recommend that store, being completely honest.

    I am an HOA Community Manager, and I recommend the company for guaranteed service and protection security. The employees have always been on time and report any problems they observe during their shifts. The owners of the company have always been very responsive to any needs or questions. I highly recommend this company.

      Kennedy locksmith

    PROTECT AND SERVE SECURITY COMPANT provided us with an excellent security team with only a few hours notice. The officers were timely, professional and the customer service we received was the best. We will call Protect And Serve Security Company for all our future security needs.


    I really love mom and pop places! So much better than the bigger stores, all very friendly!!!! And the prices are so competitive to those bigger stores. hooray for Dr. Ike’s !!! you guys are awesome!!!!

    When contacting any of the locksmiths in this listing, remember to inquire about service if available. Remember that for each job to be done, special tools are required, which the locksmith must have ready to do the service or repair.

      Locksmith kenmore ny

    Remember that prices may vary depending on the type of lock, who is providing the service, distance to the location, brand of car, coded copies, etc. If you do not find the price you were looking for, please contact us for more information.

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      Colgate locksmith

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