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Locksmith on summer


    After a few days of uncertainty, due to the pandemic and its consequences, it seems that August is finally about to arrive and from Cerrajería Tagor we want to do our bit so that physical security is paramount this summer.

    We will keep a lot of communication and use of digital platforms, mobiles with wasap, Hangout, Skype … because from Cerrajería Tagor in Tenerife we also offer these quick tips against possible fraud and scams, always remember to make sure you call the right company:

    We hope that this August after the pandemic you can rest or return to work with maximum guarantees, but always remember that Cerrajería Tagor is at your disposal in security for Tenerife.

    UCES locksmiths advise in Europa Press

    If changing the lock does not interest you and you want to keep the locks you already have, you can also maintain the security of your home by making sure that all the locks on the doors of the house are in good condition so that we avoid bad surprises when we return from vacation because of a bad lock broken or broken. Our recommendation in Cerrajeros Tagor is to check all the locks in search of breakdowns, jams, broken parts and in such a case perform a repair recommended by a professional locksmith in Tagor.

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    At Cerrajeros Tagor we also advise other measures that can be taken to increase the security of our home in Tacoronte while we are away or on vacation. Some of these measures include keeping our mailbox clean, leaving the keys with a neighbor to pick up the mail, having timed lights that turn on and off at specific pre-programmed times and taking care of the information that is posted on social networks about our vacations so that it is not used by thieves who may know when we are going to be away.

    ️dangerous trick being used by thieves

    This, coupled with the rise of methods such as bumping to open doors without leaving a trace, makes many people with vacation homes fearful of what they may encounter when they go for a few days off. Locksmiths are working on fitting new measures, such as a second lock or anti-leverage opening and closing systems on doors and windows. Villas and detached houses are the homes with the highest demand in this regard, as they are also often the favorite target of those who enter to steal.

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    Locksmiths Torrevieja and other places in the province of Alicante warn of the importance of calling real experts. The labor intrusion in this trade is very high, and that on vacations the demand soars does not help too much. Many people advertise themselves as expert locksmiths, often with the famous stickers that are placed on lampposts and store closures, when the most they have done is to see how to open a lock in a video on the Internet.

    Be careful this summer, don’t regret upgrading your

    – Alarm system: if your alarm is working properly, we also advise you to carry out the relevant tests to check that it is working properly and that you will be warned in case intruders are detected in your home. And even if it has been a long time since you last changed the security code of your alarm, it may be a good time to do so.

    – Doors and shutters: make sure that all doors, shutters and windows are locked, as well as the garage door. It is always advisable to leave keys with trusted members of the household to visit your home, remove the mail from the door, water the plants. In this way, the home will seem to be enabled.

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    – Social networks: in summer we all love to share with our friends where we are spending the summer, but with the rise of social networks, many thieves take the opportunity to watch our steps. For example, they can use Instagram and search for haghstags such as #vacaciones #vacacionesdeverano #vacaciones2018, among others. Therefore, it is essential not to share at the moment our adventures, and leave it for when we are back home to share it. In fact, summer is for enjoying and for storing our own memories.