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Locksmith north ave

    Ciudad Juárez 2020 | La Heroica Ciudad del Norte (The Heroic City of the North)

    Locksmiths North Street we cover everything that our customers may require in the locksmith sector, from the silliest to the most complicated.  We open safes, we install security locks, bombines and ground locks for blinds, we automate your garage, we make master keys, among an infinity of services.

    We are in: Mediodia street, Juan Ramon Jimenez street, Les Roses street, Fermin entrance, Manises, Cueva Santa street, Profesor Francisco Tomas y Valiente street, Turis street, Quart de Poblet, Jarafuel street.

    All the solutions to everything that can worry you the most in catalog to your security are in our hands. In Cerrajeros calle Norte we have locksmiths that will advise you the best way and the best measures to fix security deficiencies that can change the confidence in your residence or in your company.

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    To provide the attention that all our users deserve, North Street Locksmiths have the best locksmiths in the sector, locksmiths with the best battery that work to achieve the highest quality in each job and always attentive to the legatee to put solution to their needs.    Some of our most requested jobs are:


    Locksmithing is a trade dedicated to the repair and maintenance of locks, padlocks, bolts and cylinders, both for common doors and vehicles. A lock is a metal mechanism installed to prevent doors and lids from being opened without a key. Locksmiths can work with all known lock and latch systems, although the wide variety of locks used – which increases the protection of protected goods and persons – requires a certain degree of specialization.

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    Locksmithing is an art and is generally learned by inheritance: it is passed down from person to person, while other skills are acquired empirically. Nowadays there are technical schools of locksmithing, and manuals and guides to practice if you want to learn the trade.

    Nowadays, locksmiths also perform other types of work, although not entirely destined to locksmithing, understanding these jobs as extras for locksmiths. Although not all locksmiths perform these practices, it is increasingly common to see it. These jobs are:

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    We love what we do, we have passion for the locksmith business, our team of professional locksmiths is always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide the solution you need.

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    Do you need a locksmith in Barranquilla available 24 hours a day, at home and at a good price? We are the solution to your emergencies. Our 24 hour locksmith service gives you the peace of mind of having our solution day or night.

    Do you need duplicate keys in Barranquilla? We are located in different points of Locksmith in Barranquilla, we duplicate and make copies of keys, duplicate car keys, and duplicate security keys.