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    At AC Lock & Key, we are proud to say that we have expert technicians, ready to service any of your vault and safe needs in Miami Florida. Understanding the time sensitivity of accessing what’s in your safe, our team diagnoses, troubleshoots, repairs and/or replaces your safes. Utilizing fiber optic scopes to be as accurate as possible, our staff is continually upgrading our knowledge of new equipment to ensure we are up to date with the latest information on safes and their locking systems.

    We understand the importance of security, for you and your loved ones, and we work around the clock to make sure your home is truly safe from burglars. As part of our guarantee, we send out qualified technicians, who are proficient in the most complex locking systems on the market today. We understand that these locking systems are changing and improving at a rapid pace, which is why AC Lock & Key only hires the most qualified technicians. Our customers can rest easy, knowing that our team will deliver quality residential locksmith services, every time in Maimi Florida.

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    Openings of all types of interior doors and exterior doors, repair and motorization of metal locks, car openings, installation and opening of safes and office furniture … Locksmiths fast and very economical, we perform all types of locksmith work.take advantage of our experience and our prices.More Info “

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    Repair and installation of all types of PVC or thermal aluminum shutters (burglar, vertical, rolling, thermal stores, caldenilla and pleated). Professional, fast and grantized service. Motorization of blinds in the capital city.More Info “

    Grilles in windowsInstallation and repair of all types of security and decorative grilles in windows of homes or premises. Iron, galvanized and lacquered grilles. We also install fencing for land. Invest in security through a professional service.More info “

    The normal service is one that is performed between half an hour and an hour after receiving your request for service, unless you indicate a later time for your convenience. The 24 hour urgent service is always performed within 30 minutes of receiving your call for reasons of urgency on your part as a customer and has a somewhat higher rates than the normal service. We also offer the service on weekends and holidays, with a slightly higher rate. When you contact our company ask for a quote before our locksmith visits you.

    Locksmith near me

    Here we have everything but if there is something we would like to change about this wonderful city is the traffic, heavy and constant. And is that using the car to move around is essential to enjoy all the advantages that the city has to offer. That is why the first thing many tourists do when they arrive is to rent a car to move around comfortably.

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    Whether you are visiting or residing in the city, if you require the services of an in-home car locksmith in Miami, then don’t hesitate to call Locksmith Nearby. You may have left your keys locked in the trunk or the electronic key has stopped working, don’t worry, we are here to help you. At Cerrajero Cerca we have a group of specialized technicians that will arrive at your location in a jiffy and solve any problem you may have.

    If you have lost your keys or they have fallen into unscrupulous hands, we can reconfigure the lock cylinder or ignition to work with another key, without the need to replace the entire system.

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    I just closed on my new home last night and needed a locksmith to change the locks quickly. I was recommended Miami Doors and Locks and the locksmith came and did the job. He did the job on time and I now have a new set of keys and locks that will last me a long time.

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    I had to call Miami Doors & Locks several times for some problems with the locks on my storefront doors. Their service has always been fast, friendly, thorough and affordable. I wouldn’t call anyone else.

    Thank you so much for saving my night!. I locked myself out of my car. Alex responded immediately and arrived within 15 minutes to my location. He had me back in the car within 5 minutes. Amazing service and very nice guy. I am impressed, very satisfied with the service, I highly recommend MIAMI DOORS AND LOCK!

    Key me is a machine located inside Bed Bath And Beyond. I used it. It costs $8.54 to have a copy of the house key. Great for an emergency. Otherwise, go to Home Depot for $2.00 a copy. Only 4 keys to choose from. Other types of keys requested will be mailed.