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Locksmith jaguar key replacement


    If so, you have come to the right place. In Juanjo Cerrajeros Alicante, besides being experts in car key duplication, we also have the most advanced technology to repair or duplicate remote controls of any brand of vehicles.

    It happens sometimes that a car remote control suddenly stops working. To verify that the problem is in the remote control and not in the vehicle’s security control unit, there are 2 tests that we can perform, depending on the car model.

    If it is a remote control that emits infrared, we can turn on the camera of the cell phone and while we see the infrared emitter of the remote control, on the screen of the cell phone, we press any button, we should see a beam of light through the screen, which without it is invisible to the human eye.

    If on the other hand the remote control of our car works by radio frequency, you could try with a portable radio, in the AM option and with the dial in the low part, that is to say, to about 530 khz. With the radio turned on, we approach the remote control to the coil of the radio device that we should find in the area farthest from the speaker, and when pressing any button of the car key-control, the radio will produce interferences, similar to a beep, which will cease once we stop pressing the buttons of the remote control of our car.

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    What you need to know to Program a key with Chip

    The insurance companies and car clubs always recommend us to travel with copies of our car keys because there are many cases of their loss when we are traveling, we can leave them in the restaurant, in the hotel, on the beach or we simply do not know where our car keys are when we need them the most and we will always need them to return.

    Car rental companies in Malaga always have one more car key because they know that it is very easy for their client to lose them. They know that giving an answer in compromised situations like these, is to have a satisfied and calm client, the same happens with your own car, having copies of your car keys is to go with more peace of mind.

    The backup copies of our computer data, if they have been planned in time, provide us with a peace of mind that, sooner or later, we will need to put into practice, the same usually happens with the copies of car keys.

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    A typical case is when we go on vacation and we take our car with us. We have been on the beach in Malaga lying on the sand and our car key is hiding under a pile of grains of sand under the towel where we have spent an unforgettable day, but we have not even noticed.


    We take care of the reprogramming, change or repair of the housing and control of your car. We also offer a service of changing the lock cylinder of the car doors. All thanks to a professional team in San Pedro Alcantara.

    From our locksmith in San Pedro Alcantara we take care of the recovery of keys and motorcycles. If you lose your key, don’t worry, we take care of recovering it. Get it at a lower price.

    We take care of opening cars and motorcycles, also trunks and travel chests.  Professional opening of your vehicle in San Pedro Alcantara in the cleanest way possible. We have the best tools on the market, we also offer the service of locksmith in Marbella.


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    Video of change of key combination for locks

    The price depends on the Jaguar model, if it has or has not transponder chip. Copies of keys without transponder are priced from 8 € and with transponder action from 35 €.    The price of the key copy with transponder and chip is from 95€, depending on the model. These prices are up to 75% cheaper than those of the official dealer, and the copies are fully functional.

    Do you have a problem with the key or the lock of your vehicle? We will come and repair it at your home. Call us and we will give you a price without obligation. Always indicating if it has or not, of key starting.