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Locksmith insurance

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    As a general rule, some locksmith works are included among the different coverages. Thus, the insurance covers the work of opening doors in case of loss or theft of keys, but also in cases of carelessness in which we have left the keys inside.

    This is as far as the expenses covered by most insurances go. This means that practices such as the replacement of a lock in poor condition due to prolonged use, opening problems due to breakdowns in the lock and the voluntary expenses of each owner in the replacement of parts are left out.

    In order for the locksmith to get paid, several situations can occur. One of them is that the insurer has its own locksmiths affiliated with the insurance company. Others do not have affiliated professionals, so it is the homeowner who notifies the locksmith, pays him out of pocket and then goes to the insurance company for reimbursement.

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    First of all, it is not the same to call a locksmith for lost or stolen keys and replace the lock as it is to leave the keys in the lock when leaving the house. Likewise, it is not the same to replace a simple lock as it is to replace an entire door.

    In any case, the most important thing is to call the helpline of our home insurance -or contact the insurance broker- to consult the conditions of our insurance depending on the problem or incident we have had. If the insurance covers the contingency, they will send the locksmith.

    It is important not to call directly to the urgent locksmith company before consulting with the insurance. If you call a locksmith on your own, you may be in for some very unpleasant surprises. First of all, you will have to make a large outlay, as these companies can charge hundreds of euros to open the door urgently (most of the time it is cheaper to spend the night in a hotel and wait for them to attend to you during normal business hours). In this sense, it is important to bear in mind that many policies only cover up to a maximum of the locksmith’s bill, and it is important that you take this into account.

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    The most convenient thing to do when contracting a policy is to read carefully the coverages that our insurance covers. Since it is not the same thing to lose the keys or that the lock breaks down because of its bad condition.

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    On the other hand, some of the most common problems that are not covered are: the change of locks due to their poor condition or if you want to replace it with a more modern and secure one. These are cases that are derived from the needs of the person, not from accidents or unforeseen events.

    In any case, in order to make it clear what kind of locksmith work is covered by your insurance, the best thing to do is to contact them when you suffer a mishap. They will inform you in a reliable and concise manner of the clauses contracted and whether or not they will take care of the incident.

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    Sancor Cooperativa de Seguros Ltda. hereby expressly waives the right to claim or initiate any action of repetition or return against the companies mentioned below, their officers, workers, employees, or in any other legal form on account of the benefits in kind or in cash that it is obliged to pay, hire and grant to the dependent or former dependent personnel of the insured party, covered by the coverage herein, for accidents occurring on the occasion of the work. This non-repetition clause shall cease to have effect if the employer or principal in whose favor it is issued does not strictly comply with the measures of prevention, hygiene and safety at work or in any way infringes Law 19.587, its Regulatory Decree Nº 351/79 and the regulations issued by the Superintendence of Labor Risks, the Provinces and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires within the scope of its competence.

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    In accordance with the provisions of Section 156 of Insurance Law No. 17418, these applicants may be beneficiaries when they have a lawful economic interest with respect to the life or health of the members of the group, to the extent of the specific damage. When the contracting party does not designate a beneficiary or for any reason the designation becomes ineffective or without effect, it is understood that he/she designated the heirs. If no quota share is fixed, the benefit shall be distributed according to the inheritance quotas.