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Locksmith franchise

    Locksmith machinery

    Llaves&Llaves has an impeccable track record since its inception. Adapting to new technologies and digital advances, without forgetting the tradition of personalized treatment in a fundamental sector for protection and security.

    We select honest and hard-working people, men or women, capable of developing the activity with professionalism and dedication. The opportunity to create a profession and the possibility of being part of a multidisciplinary and constant team is within your reach. Advice and training provided by specialists and technicians who will advise you throughout your learning and specialization.

    What to invest $20 in

    The Keys&Keys franchise is an organization that is continually expanding with the testing of administrations boosters, security items and devices. An organization devoted to quick copying of a wide range of keys for homes and vehicles, wellbeing sales, security and locksmith administrations 24h.

    – Variety of customers and breadth of prescribers has our certainty. A wide and developing monetary fabric consists of individuals, organizations, occupants, insurance agencies and open associations pick up our administrations.

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    Llaves&Llaves has a perfect reputation since its initiation. Adapting to new and computerized advances and drives, without neglecting the custom of customized administration in a base for security and wellbeing segment.

    Keys&Keys stores have cutting edge framework. Particularly to market requests. A multifunctional space that creates benefit and development for the one who oversees. We are additionally have furniture and offices for the weakened that has to be a piece of the task.

    What to invest $50 in

    We specialize in locksmith services for home, automotive, and codified keys. We give an EXCLUSIVE SERVICE 100% AT HOME, with excellent conditions and professionalism. Some of our advantages are:- – To offer the newest products in the market.

    We offer the most innovative products in the market. Our project is to position our Locksmith Mobile 24hs in the market at national and international level being recognized as professionals of high prestige and reliability, in the locksmith business in general. Today we have 0km mobiles, equipped to perform lock unlocking services, vehicle and home openings, code extraction, reading of faults, codification and carving of keys, placement and repair of centralized locks, repair and change of cylinders and more services. We offer an excellent franchise program. Some of the competitive advantages are:-

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    Profitable business fx

    We have two trade names available, Hakky and Al Minuto, which are more than repair shops, they are full service home centers. Instant shoe repair, sewing, locksmithing, knife and scissors sharpening, engraving and shoe care accessories sales make us the ideal place to repair all household items under one roof.

    PRICES: The prices we offer in the market are competitive and in many cases lower than those of less technical workshops. We constantly make promotions, thanks to the fact that we have a furrier that with the best articles of Mexico allows us to reduce the cost of materials.

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    TRAINING: Employees will be trained for a week, where they will learn how to assimilate the system, how to operate the store, how to sell and how to maintain the machinery. After the opening, training is offered as many times as necessary.

    POINT OF SALE SYSTEM: Our franchisees are provided with the necessary information so that they can properly organize their administration and accounting. But the administration, accounting and the fulfillment of their fiscal and labor obligations are the sole responsibility of each micro-entrepreneur.