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    Regulation and standardization of the profession (and IV)

    sorry for not answering, I see that you are very polite and greet, hehe.the model aircraft is very entertaining but when I had a corchito with a value greater than 1000 flying more than 10km from me I entered the fear of losing it and decided to sell all the gadgets and devote myself to other things, too much risk. I had a great time with the planes but it is a hobby that requires a lot of money with a possible loss of plane.a locksmiths tell you that if you need any help or material, you can ask me privately to see if I can help you, I am very specialized in rigging but I will lend a hand in what I can.

    The First Locksmith and Home Security Forum

    I would be putting a handle on the inside of a local aluminum door. Currently it has handles inside and outside and it opens with a doorbell but I want to be able to get out from inside without having to press the push button.

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    Good afternoon, my question is the following, we have ordered the manufacture and installation of some grilles in a villa, we spent the budget of 1300 € with the grilles painted in the oven, but there was an error on the part of the…

    Hello, I live in Getafe and I want to reinforce the railing of the terrace where I have hung the air machine. I do not know if what company or freelancer does it and how much it would cost more or less. The railing is about 2.60 long and…

    This is how the II UCES Locksmith Forum went

    Hello friends of the forum, I hope you are all well. We have all had at some time the urgent need to call a locksmith, either to open a door that we can not open or to repair any lock. The job of a locksmith, is much more explicit than we think, but encompasses a number of functions unknown to the average citizen. A few weeks ago I called a car locksmith because I had a problem. My key was left inside my car, and I didn’t know what to do. I opted to contact a professional who helped me. It is always good to have a good contact. Without further ado, I bid you farewell. Take care of yourselves.

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    Ll uces forum on security locks and closets at the

    As it is known, UCES locksmiths change the lock free of charge to those affected when the judge decides that it is necessary to do so. The firm BTV has donated forty cylinders to collaborate with the UCES in this cause. The association has signed new collaboration agreements on gender violence with different city councils.

    UCES intends to continue collaborating with the State Security Forces and Corps in its security locksmith activities. The relationship with the government is “moving forward” and UCES president Manuel Sánchez believes this is good news. Among other things, the locksmiths are seeking official and financial support to change old locks in homes, which represent a serious weakness in the fight against burglaries.

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    The Union of Security Locksmiths also believes that the future lies in turning locksmiths into security advisors. This is what Manuel Sanchez calls Locksmiths 4.O, i.e. professionals who are well trained in all aspects to respond to the demands of society and consumers.