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    People with great skills are found in the history of locksmithing. In magic, for example.    Harry Houdini (whose real name was Erich Weiss) was one of the most incredible locksmiths in the world. Sometimes it seems like locksmiths do magic, doesn’t it?

    Like most locksmiths by trade, Houdini started out as an apprentice and then poured all that knowledge into the great tricks he performed, especially his great escapes tied to numerous chains, padlocks and locks. At that time, just before 1900, there were only a hundred keys for all the locks in the world and 70% were opened with the same key, also known as a master.

    In 1778, a man named Robert Barron managed to perfect the functionality of the lever lock. He had a new tumbler lock that required the tumbler mechanism to be raised to a certain height in order to be unlocked. Failure to do so in the correct manner prevented it from opening, which made it more secure.

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    While it is true that locksmiths have gone from being craftsmen to technicians and engineers, considering that a century ago thieves could open a door with no more tools than a couple of wires and a bit of skill, this shows that the locksmith’s job was simple. But today it is not so easy for a criminal to gain access to a property thanks to the creation of new locks and security systems.

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    Thanks to technology it is possible to manufacture locks of more complex configuration whose purpose is sometimes not even to keep the door closed, but to establish a security parapet that makes it difficult for criminals to gain access even when they use the most sophisticated burglary techniques.

    The locksmith trade is traditionally passed down from father to son, although this does not mean that it will remain stagnant because of its craftsmanship. Today the work of a locksmith is not limited to the assembly of locks, but these professionals have to offer assembly, maintenance or repair of any security system either mechanical or electronic and always try to be ahead of the criminals so that we remain protected.

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    In this reading, we have meticulously distilled everything you need to know to become a locksmith. We didn’t stop there, you’ll find more information that will set you apart as a locksmith.

    The key resembled a toothbrush and was embedded in the lock and moved upward to unlock the doors. One of the ancient locks was found in the Assyrian Empire in the city of Khorsababd, near Nineveh.

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    However, the change in locks began between 870-900 AD when the first metal locks appeared. They were simple metal locks believed to have been created by English craftsmen. After that, there were locks made of iron and brass in Europe and China.

    Locksmithing is a traditional craft and is the science and art of making and defeating locks. Locksmiths enjoy troubleshooting by taking something that doesn’t work apart, fixing it and putting it back together. However, a career as a locksmith allows you to use your creative and curious nature to make a living.