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    All our locksmiths are mobile, this implies that 95% of the time they are on the street, the approximate time depends a lot on the proximity of our locksmith but it ranges from 30 minutes to an hour.

    How long does it take a locksmith to open a door?  Once one of our locksmiths arrives at your business he will assess and inform you of the services needed. An estimated time to open a door is 30 minutes, depending on the lock and the method used.

    Will the locks be affected? Most opening methods leave the locks intact. In the most extreme case, the lock would have to be replaced, which is not a problem since it is a service we also offer.

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    Most people believe that a residential locksmith can do the same job as a commercial locksmith, and while this is true to some extent, commercial locksmiths have additional training and knowledge, not only about the installation of different locks and security systems, but they must also be aware of security standards that apply exclusively to certain types of businesses. At Yms Services cerrajeria we have the technical staff capable of offering specialized locksmith services related to commercial locksmithing, fully catered to those particular needs: Do you need a commercial locksmith, push bar, push bar, push bar, push bar, push bar, push bar, push bar, push bar, push bar.

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    At Yms Services we have specialized technicians that can install that push bar that your business may need, at the best price in the market. In addition, we take care of the maintenance and repair of this type of locks. Don’t hesitate, pick up the phone, call us and ask for a quote.Call us now (888) 300-7075Access Control Systems


    We work with all brands on the market; Trabex, Acytra, Kallay, Lince, Yaltres, Compukey, Cierrasola, Candex. everlock, multiloock, superfren door closers etc. and also work with all types of doors; Blindex type, armored, wood, iron, etc.. Integral service of domiciliary Locksmith.

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    A wide variety of products place us in the leadership of attention and availability of services in armored doors. Our clients enjoy today of our services and present us as the most suitable in the area. your key does not work as it should? is it hard to open your door? is your door down? we have Pentagon Service and other renowned brands.

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    Our locksmiths are highly trained and will respect your privacy, your possessions and your time.  Your home and your security are our priority.  We look forward to serving you.    We offer a wide range of residential locksmith services, from installing deadbolts to repairing door locks, we help make your home safe and secure.

    In such situations, what you should do is to hire a locksmith agency.  As one of the leading mobile locksmith companies.  Our services are dedicated to providing you with the best quality commercial locksmith services, We have been servicing the entire Metropolitan Region with the most advanced hardware for commercial door lock security.  Not all locksmiths are trained specifically in commercial locksmithing.  We offer your business the benefit of an experienced professional with the knowledge. We have been serving CA with the leading brands, dedicated to your door opening solutions for your security and convenience. Our team understands your need to keep your business safe and secure. That’s why we offer the most innovative technology for all your Commercial Locksmith needs.

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