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    Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has elaborated a series of recommendations to avoid being “time” by the locksmith. In the first place, it encourages to look for professionals of confidence or of the own neighborhood and to write down them in the mobile so that, when the urgency calls to the door, not to throw of the first announcement that appears.

    A quotation for the service defined in advance should be demanded. The usual response is that until the technician sees you in person they cannot offer a price. However, the OCU states that, even if they don’t give you a fixed price, they can give you an approximate one. “If they don’t give it to you: insist,” he encourages.


    Locksmithing is a trade dedicated to the repair and maintenance of locks, padlocks, bolts and cylinders, both for common doors and vehicles. A lock is a metal mechanism installed to prevent doors and lids from being opened without a key. Locksmiths can work with all known lock and latch systems, although the wide variety of locks used – which increases the protection of protected goods and persons – requires a certain degree of specialization.

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    Locksmithing is an art and is generally learned by inheritance: it is passed down from person to person, while other skills are acquired empirically. Nowadays there are technical schools of locksmithing, and manuals and guides to practice if you want to learn the trade.

    Nowadays, locksmiths also perform other types of work, although not entirely destined to locksmithing, understanding these jobs as extras for locksmiths. Although not all locksmiths perform these practices, it is increasingly common to see it. These jobs are:

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    Copies of keys VigoTo make copies of keys, duplicates of controls as well as know our offers you can go to our store located in the street Zaragoza 62 (36211 Vigo). To make any type of key duplicates in Vigo, please contact us, we will advise you for free.

    The goal of Cerrajero Vigo is to offer the most professional service available today. In order to achieve our goal a significant part of our income is invested in advanced courses. At Cerrajero Vigo, we respond to all emergency calls 24 hours a day. We are specialized in all areas related to locks, keys, and security in general. Services offered by Cerrajero Vigo Locksmith repairing locks and cylinders in all emergency situations or installing different security systems. We have all kinds of tools and equipment that serve a particular purpose and we cover the full range of emergency locksmith options. From motorizing domestic or commercial shutters to installing or changing locks, everything can be done by Cerrajero Vigo.

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    Repeated thefts in Echesortu

    The City’s habilitation code is part of the procedures to be taken into account if we are looking for the habilitation of our business. Clearly speaking, it is the code that allows you to exercise any commercial or industrial activity in CABA. In order to obtain it, you must apply for it and also take into account whether the municipal permit is required.

    On the other hand, this code must also be taken into account for the economic habilitation of a business. It has the characteristic of regulating the aspects of the rooms, the organization of the building fabric, the distribution of certain uses, among other activities. It must be taken into account that the zoning zone for the City of Buenos Aires is divided into the following aspects:

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    It should be clarified that these general obligations intended for each trade include any item and industry, including food, since they are all dependent on an economic activity in itself.

    In order to carry out the enabling procedure for a business related to the sale of hardware items, it is also necessary to obtain the authorization of the economic activity in CABA, we will tell you about the requirements and their variants: