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    Virgin Limited Editions, the luxury hotel chain owned by tycoon Richard Branson, is transforming the iconic Son Bunyola estate into the “most luxurious hotel in the Mediterranean”, as defined by Branson himself.

    The authors of this transformation are Gras Architects, who have carried out a meticulous work to protect the property’s heritage, updating its facilities to the brand’s standards and high levels of sustainability.

    The BIC protection is mainly due to the existence of the preserved medieval defense tower, explains Gras Architects on its website, where it details the details of the renovation work and publishes these images.

    The hotel will have its own water purification system, so that 100% of the wastewater will be treated and reused to irrigate the gardens, thus achieving zero wastewater discharge.

    To achieve more storage volume, the study plans to restore all the existing water cisterns in the estate to collect and store in these cisterns all the rainwater that falls on the roofs and terraces, thus recovering the original hydraulic strategy of the estate, where all possible rainwater was collected.

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    Locksmith branson
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    Locksmith branson

    That is why the first step is the detailed investigation of the different interventions carried out in the building over time in order to recover and enhance the value of the main historical elements and architectural spaces.

    Son Bunyola consists of a main building, a tafona and several outbuildings. The main building consists of a square body with a central courtyard with lateral arcades and 2 towers. One of the towers is the aforementioned medieval defense tower and the other is the result of the 1931 reform.

    In addition to all the above, the hotel will have its own water purification system, so that 100% of the wastewater will be treated and reused in the irrigation of the gardens, thus achieving a zero wastewater discharge.

    Locksmith branson

    Guillermo Reynés is the architect of a restoration that uses Mallorcan materials, such as Huguet tiles. The hotel, which will not offer prices below 1,000 euros per night, will also recover the agricultural exploitation of olive trees and wine will be produced with the Malvasia grape.

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    Historical elements such as wooden carpentry, stone arches, wood and plaster moldings, coffered ceilings, mortar and lime coating, hydraulic floors, wrought ironwork and the noucentista staircase will also be restored.

    The Balearic Environment Commission gave the go-ahead for the Virgin magnate’s hotel in March 2020, five months after a major storm swept away part of the main body of the building. The Govern’s permission was conditioned to a series of limitations, one must think that it is a property with the maximum heritage protection, such as that no extensions or new access roads can be made within the estate. Nor can the reforms be made in the months of nesting birds that surround the area, that is, between February and June.