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Legacy locksmith

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    After his departure, Martin as the eldest son decided to continue with the doors open. His work combines the best of precision manual labor and the trust acquired from his clientele. The fact is that with each piece an implicit contract of commitment, quality and security is signed, since, after all, “a locksmith does not need a key to be able to enter your house”, he said with a laugh.

    The Vilches family did not always live in Roca, although they knew how to adopt the city as their own after being enchanted by the green and prosperity of the lands of Valletta. Hugo was born in El Pacorral, a small town lost in the hills of Córdoba, 70 kilometers from Río Cuarto, although when he was a child his family moved to Buenos Aires.

    My old man, even though he is not physically present, is in every job, in the sound of the machine, in the smell of the metal and the rawhide suitcases that his father gave himMartín Vílchez, current manager of “Fantasía Universitaria”.

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    February is a key month for the future of the business. On that date, work will begin on the modernization of the space, which aims to become a comfortable and convenient place that preserves the best of its essence. “It will be a question of building. New products and qualities, with a more modern touch and an infinity effect. Your view will be lost in an infinity of keys,” said the locksmith.

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    Cerrajería Cerracón is a family legacy that began in 1968, with Don Esteban Fernández Darias, offering assistance and locksmith services in general. Three generations have already passed and have followed the premises of conviction, experience, advice and the quality of a job well done.

    We have at your disposal all kinds of works related to the metal branch, from modular industrial buildings, metal structures, fire escapes, all kinds of motorized doors (sectional, folding, sliding, etc.).

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    The “duplicates to the minute”, no longer exist, because the locksmith work has developed so much that the keys are already made in a matter of seconds. Guillermo affirms that the development to perform his work requires more speed, however his level of concentration and analysis has to be the same and even deeper, because when shaping the keys or repairing a lock requires him to apply a whole method.

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    In complete silence, he sets about making a key and mentions at the same time that concentration and patience are the key to making a good piece, or opening a lock. “This trade requires instant problem solving, so the customers who come to us are almost always stressed or in a hurry. You have to learn over time to be helpful and know how to cope with the pressure you’re under. Doing the job as well as possible and not falling into despair because otherwise the job won’t get done, being a locksmith requires tolerance and calmness”.

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    Exit doors in buildings with Group A, B, E, M, R-1 or R-2 occupancies and doors to Group A, B, E, M, R-1 or R-2 tenant spaces are permitted to install electromagnetic locks if they are equipped with hardware that incorporates an integrated switch and meets the requirements listed below:

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    The standard access control requirements apply to the construction, performance and operation of physical access control systems and equipment, which are intended to regulate or control entry and/or exit from a controlled area, protected area or restricted area. The scope of entry/exit control may include the reporting and recording of entry and exit activities.

    Exit doors in buildings with occupancies in Groups A, B, E, I-2, M, R-1 or R-2 and entrance doors to tenant spaces for occupancies in Groups A, B, E, I-2, R-1 or R-2 are permitted to be equipped with an access control system that must be installed in accordance with all of the following criteria: