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Key on spot locksmith

    How to recover a broken key

    Original/primary key: is to make a key to a lock whether it is, automobile, residential, office or industrial, this when the key or keys of the lock were lost, the plate is disassembled to make the key by hand at that moment. If it is the case that they cannot be disassembled, the locksmith will give you that information and what type of service will be performed. At the end of the service you will be given a key, if you require more keys at that time has an extra cost. Locksmith home service.

    Combination change: perform a service in which the existing key to the lock will no longer open in exchange for a completely new key that will open the lock. This is used in cases of loss of a key and the concern or possibility of theft. It is for your own security to change the combination, so that whoever finds or has the old key will no longer open the lock, and only the people who are given the new keys will have access. At the end of the service a key is delivered, if you require more keys at that time has an extra cost. Locksmith Paris, home service.

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    How much does a locksmith charge to change a lock?

    It is a job that must be done in a workshop and with appropriate machinery, especially if it is a security key. A locksmith can make keys of all types, from the simplest for cabinets or sheet metal doors to master keys, security keys or even car keys.

    The price will depend on the type of key. Copying a simple key can cost from 3 €. If it is a security key, the cost can go up to 10 € and very specific keys can even exceed 50 €.

    Locksmiths can install different access control systems. This is the case, for example, of digital locks that open by numerical code or the so-called invisible locks. They can also take care of automating doors, as is the case of garage doors.

    Installing an invisible lock, opening by remote control, can cost from 200 €, material included. In the case of automating a garage door, it can cost up to 600 €, depending on the door.

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    Locks can deteriorate due to the passage of time, wear and tear or use. Repairs can range from a simple cleaning and greasing to prevent the key from jamming to a repair after the key has broken inside.

    How much does a locksmith charge for making a key?

    It is true that one of the most common tasks of a locksmith is to open doors. In fact they are usually able to perform this type of work in a few minutes, as they usually have a lot of experience in them and also have the right tools.

    However, you have to think that opening a normal door is not the same as opening an armored door with a quality lock. And it is also not the same to open a door that has simply slammed shut as one that has been turned.

    You should also keep in mind that opening security doors is considered a rather complex task in the locksmith world. It requires a different procedure and more specific material. It is a job that requires greater precision.

    Another issue for which you can also go to a locksmith has to do with the issue of security. Professional locksmiths can install security shutters, anti-burglary and anti-drill doors, locks with anti-copying keys, create master keys, etc.

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    How much does a locksmith charge to open a door in Colombia?

    The high technology that requires this system of mechanical copy without sample made by computer is only available in specialized locksmiths as Cerrajería Placer in Vigo, where we work every day to offer a sophisticated service, high quality, adaptable to any situation and with all the guarantees. Count on us to solve any emergency and to be able to resume your daily life without problems.

    If you have lost the key to a padlock, do not think ahead of time in extreme and somewhat complex solutions such as resorting to a shear. In Locksmith Placer we are sure that it will be one of the first ideas to which you will resort, but trust us: we can make you a key without a sample and we can also make a key without a sample.