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How much do locksmiths make


    We took the task of calling 5 locksmiths from different areas to ask how much they charge for the most basic services they offer (and that we need in the worst moments) and to be able to define how much is fair we should pay.

    – Before asking for a service quote with a locksmith in the neighborhood and with a 24 hour locksmith (they travel all over the city including the State of Mexico, but they charge you for the distance, although it may be cheaper than the local ones).

    – None of them make duplicates at home (unless you change the plate and bring their own keys or they are very easy keys to make on the spot with a cutter and file), almost all must return to the central to make the keys and take them back.    The price we were given is to have them made at the plant.

    – If you are going to put a security plate, also look at the type of keys you need and how much it will cost to make duplicates (this can be an important expense if there are several, although many plates come with their own set of keys).

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    Throughout our lives we have all had to call a locksmith at some time or another. And in that sense, when it comes to our security we should not skimp on budgets. That is why this profession is still alive in the 21st century. And precisely because of all this, a good question to ask is: How much does a locksmith earn?

    In this article we are going to tell you what prices these professionals usually have. We anticipate that this will depend on the type of work and the urgency of the service. If you start on your own as an independent locksmith, in a low population area, your starting salary will not be so high. A different situation occurs in the case of a professional locksmith with great experience.

    On the other hand, many independent locksmiths earn a solid reputation over time, but face very limited local competition. They may outbid the salaries offered by locksmith companies with many employees. In either case, the bottom line remains the same: provide professional and courteous service to customers at all times. This will result in better pay throughout your career.

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    Remember that if you are interested in knowing the labor cost of a locksmith job, in Easy Casa you have the option to request a quote for a specific job. Our locksmiths will send you their quotes and that will allow you to have updated data.

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    If we are going to talk about locksmith service costs, the first differentiation we must make is between a normal job and an emergency. Of course, emergencies are more expensive, but in our country, compared to others, the difference is not so much.

    Another aspect to take into account is the type of lock in question. Every locksmith will always be prepared to work with the most used models. If, on the other hand, we are dealing with an old lock whose spare part is no longer available, we will be talking about a different type of work. In this case, measurements will have to be rectified to adapt a new lock. This will increase the cost of the work as well as the delay. It is advisable in this case to turn to experienced locksmiths.


    It is a job that must be done in a workshop and with appropriate machinery, especially when it comes to security keys. A locksmith can make all kinds of keys, from the simplest ones for closets or sheet metal doors to master keys, security keys or even car keys.

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    The price will depend on the type of key. Copying a simple key can cost from 3 €. If it is a security key, the cost can go up to 10 € and very specific keys can even exceed 50 €.

    Locksmiths can install different access control systems. This is the case, for example, of digital locks that open by numerical code or the so-called invisible locks. They can also automate doors, as in the case of garage doors.

    Installing an invisible lock, opening by remote control, can cost from 200 €, material included. In the case of automating a garage door, it can cost up to 600 €, depending on the door.

    Locks can deteriorate due to the passage of time, wear and tear or use. Repairs can range from a simple cleaning and greasing to prevent the key from jamming to a repair after the key has broken inside.