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Granite city locksmith

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    From this workshop in the Campo del Moro, he carried out numerous works for the Palace, the Royal Stables and the Royal Sites, creating all kinds of elements, such as gates, ironwork, etc. He also carried out major works, such as the water supply to the Casa de Campo, and manufactured the lightning rods for the royal palaces.

    In 1880, during the reign of Alfonso XII, he requested permission to use the Royal Coat of Arms together with the signature of his own factory on invoices, labels, etc., permission was granted, although he never officially obtained the title of Royal Locksmith.

    As mentioned in the article on industrial forging, the Asins House worked with the best architects of the time. One of his specialties was the creation of iron libraries instead of wood as had been done so far, in order to prevent fires, with such mastery that he achieved true works of art, modeling the iron with such perfection that it is difficult to realize that it is not wood. One example is the spectacular library of the Senate, built in 1882 in neo-Gothic style, under the direction of the architect Emilio Rodríguez Ayuso.

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    Replacing a broken tile

    Cerrajería El Trasgu is a security consultancy in Gijón. We are not basic locksmiths to call when you have locked your keys inside your house, we are a complete security support for our citizens. We want to contribute our grain of sand to the general security of the city by selling and installing only the best locks that guarantee the peace of mind of our neighbors in Gijon. We also want to advise each person who calls us or comes to our locksmith in Gijon on the best security measures that can be installed on your door, always looking for the best value for money.

    The cylinders affected by bumping are numerous but all of them coincide in that their opening is done completely silently and without leaving a trace. The thieves get a kind of master key for each type of lock affected by bumping, they introduce it in our cylinder and with a few light taps they will have already managed to open our door. It doesn’t take a minute, makes no noise and leaves no trace. So apart from the agony of having suffered a robbery we will have to deal with the home insurance. Avoid bumping theft with us and count on our 24 hour locksmith service in Gijon if you suspect you may be suffering from bumping.

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    Nowadays it is very important to count on a locksmith of total confidence to solve any type of problem and that his work is of great quality as well as the materials that you are going to install at home.

    To be able to be calm at home, either for when we go for a moment to buy bread or when we go on vacation, either a weekend or the whole month, is one of our premises as a locksmith in Benidorm.

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    In Cerrajería de Levante we have the best quality material and fully updated workmanship, to perform and resolve any service or problem involving a locksmith in Benidorm, whether the lock does not work and you have to make a lock change or is blocked.

    We explain at all times what is happening to the door and what is being done to it, whether the keys have been left inside, or change the lock because the key does not work, in order to provide you with a first class service.

    Therefore, it is essential to have a serious company that represents a trusted brand, to provide an urgent locksmith service in what concerns us most, your safety in your home.