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Genes locksmith


    Our service is characterized by its efficiency, speed and quality. We are experts and we have experience in providing emergency services: opening of vehicles, doors, commercial premises, communities of neighbors, etc..

    We want to be close to you, so we are solutions team strive every day to offer the most complete service urgent locksmith in the Ferrol area and region, from the first day we work with innovation and fulfill services for individuals and professionals from different sectors and groups. Our service includes 24 hours a day 365 days a year and whenever the request requires it, we move to the place of the facts.we are the locksmiths you are looking for. We are your closest locksmith.

    Thanks to the sum of knowledge, experience and equipment, in SOMOS Soluciones Cerrajeros we can duplicate any type of key. If you need an extra key, to prevent a possible breakage or loss of the original one, or simply to share access with more people, come to our premises or contact us, and we will take care of everything.

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    This system WARNS of the intrusion attempt before the burglar gets inside the house and RETAINS him outside for a longer TIME as it reinforces the physical resistance of the lock or the shield.

    DUPLO key system (5+2 keys) prepared to solve the loss of keys without the need to change the cylinder. Early detection of key copying attempts by trusted persons and suppliers. Computerized record of all keys produced and supplied. Safe custody of keys.

    Comprar escudos seguridad con detección anticipada

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    The three-minute robbery

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