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    # DESCRIPTION Price pesos I18 ZN001 ZN030 J1850 ZN032 AVDI DIAGNOSTICS INTERFACE BASIC PACKAGE The AVDI Diagnostic Interface set consists of, PC-windows software with the following functions

    AVDI DIAGNOSTICS PRICE LIST AVDI basic diagnostic package $ MXN 15,000 – AVDI Interface (hardware) + Basic diagnostic software – Such as display and clearing of DTCs (real time)

    POWER MAX PROFESSIONAL POWERING POWERING Kit POWER MAX POWERING Kit for engine powering, by diagnostic socket. High quality product. Easy and intuitive operation. Ideal for professionals and workshops.

    Transponder unlocking technology for automotive locksmiths The most advanced device for copying and programming Eeprom 1 DEVICE PRICE LIST: Basic Package MiraClone Basic

    Key: Scanator-1 Tel: (0155) 5934 9851 Introducing Scanator PC Scanator PC (Information Content) What is Scanator PC? Hardware Software

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    HOW A COPY IS OBTAINEDThe following is an example of how a copy of the key is obtained when the procedure is done by the dealer. This is the case for any of the Mazda models:The dealer, using special diagnostic equipment, captures half of the digits of the key stored in the car’s PCM computer and sends them to the assembler (in this case, CCA), who in immediate liaison with Mazda Japan requests the remaining digits and supplies them to the dealer. The shop receives the information and loads the data into the PCM, which in turn reprograms both keys with the same secret key. This whole process is done online. The time it takes depends on the key cutting process. Up to eight keys can be programmed.

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    On this page we offer a complete auto locksmith service that includes regaining access to your car and programming any replacement keys. Different manufacturers have different systems for programming keys. Some require proprietary software that we have access to.

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    It has the power to obtain immobilizer codes, mechanical key codes and dealer tool security codes. An ideal product for key programmers and diagnostic technicians.

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    our blogFrequent faults in car remote controlsIf you have problems with your car locking and you are looking for garage door opener repair centers in Barcelona, you may be interested in knowing the most common reasons why these instruments break down or stop working properly.

    Garage door opener repair in Barcelona is a highly sought after option. Although it is recommended to have at least one copy of the part, many do not have it at their disposal. Therefore, an effective and economical solution is to go to a specialized center to fix your remote control and start working as if it were a new one. If you go to a vehicle repair shop, they will probably offer you to replace the remote control with a new one, being a much more expensive option than the repair.

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    There are several problems that can cause your remote control to stop working normally. In this article we explain the main problems that can cause locking remotes to fail in daily use: