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    RdP | Galder Cerrajería | 09/09/2021

    Despite the security measures we have at home (burglar alarms, armored doors, locks with special protectors …), it is in our hands to perform some habits routinely for the protection of our home, and therefore that of our family, is complete.

    Another fundamental aspect when leaving home is to lock the door, no matter if we leave the house for 10 minutes or all day long. The friends of the stranger are always pending of when we enter or go out for what they will take advantage of any absence to try to accede to the house.

    Avoid that advertising and flyers collapse your mailbox or the door of your house since it could be interpreted as an uninhabited or little transited house, making the work much easier for the thieves.

    All these recommendations are as important as having safes, locks with innovative protection systems, armored doors or installing bars on your windows. What other daily security tips do you use in your homes?

    Raúl Cáceres, the locksmith who manufactures the key for

    How sure are you that this person, who is not even a professional in the sector, will give you an absolute guarantee that everything you own, your most precious things, your loved ones and your goods are really safe?

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    And is that in all those complicated moments in which you have required the presence of a locksmith expert – either to access any type of door, including the garage door, or automatic barrier or perhaps you have needed to have a professional to install a lock or perform a change of cylinder – you will have considered getting advice and rely on Keysman Cerrajeros.

    Keysman Cerrajeros offers all its customers a wide variety of products and services related to security and locksmithing, from locksmiths at home to opening all types of doors. And also changing locks and changing cylinders, as well as a wide variety of services, all related to locksmithing.

    When you need a locksmith, contact Keysman. Don’t hesitate, they offer the best locksmith services covering residential locksmith services, as well as residential locksmiths and also automobile locksmiths.

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    In Miranda Locksmith we watch over your security 24 hours a day, without interruptions. We specialize in opening all kinds of doors and changing locks urgently. We provide our services in Vigo and its region, offering a quality service at competitive prices.

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    In Cerrajería Miranda we are specialized in openings of all kinds of doors, doormen and safes. We act quickly and efficiently to restore access to your home, business or commercial premises.

    On a daily basis, we meet clients who have forgotten their keys inside the house before going out, who have left them locked inside or who have lost them and do not have a copy to access the house. For this reason, we have an emergency door opening service that will help you continue with your daily routine.

    In Miranda Locksmith we have all the necessary material, as well as the right tools to perform any type of locksmith work. We perform our work in the city of Vigo and surrounding areas, ensuring maximum protection in your home or business.


    But it is also part of their work to install the automatism of garage doors or establishments, the installation of armored doors, the repair of armored doors as well as the repair of metal and security shutters.

    Fireproof safes are the most demanded in a sector that is always booming, since they can withstand natural disasters, while camouflaged safes are common in homes.

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    Locksmiths who know their job thoroughly are the guarantors of the security and privacy of their customers, that is why, in case of any mishap, it is necessary to contact professionals and ignore those who advertise on bulletin boards and sometimes on stickers next to mailboxes, camouflaged among the stickers of professional advertisements.

    Through their experience locksmiths are also providing methods used by engineers who must carry out security projects. It is in this way that locks have advanced throughout history and have gone from being a mere hole that could be opened with large keys to these modern locks that can even be opened by voice or fingerprint identification.