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Double quick locksmith

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    If you have an emergency in Móstoles related to the world of locksmithing, go to your 24 hour locksmith Móstoles to solve it. In Locksmith Soler we specialize in emergency locksmith, so if you come to us to do the service, the result you’re going to get will be fully satisfactory.

    We have such a good emergency locksmith service for several reasons. The first one is the training that our employees have. They have extensive knowledge related to locksmithing and they also have a wide experience when it comes to solving compromising situations in relation to our customers.

    In addition, we want you to know the other work we do in our locksmith company. The first thing we are going to talk about is lock picking. It is not an emergency service job, because it takes some time, but it is something that we do with great precision. This is about taking a key and making it valid to open several cylinders.

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    If your door or lock does not work properly when opening or closing and needs to be repaired, we will solve it. We are specialists in locks and we work with all models and brands in the market. We repair, install and change all types of locks.

    If you need to change your keys for security reasons, either because you are moving house or because of a theft or loss, we have a fast service for it. We replace your cylinder or lock with a new one so that you have new keys that no one else has.

    It is advisable to change the old or obsolete cylinders in terms of security by the new high security cylinders that bring all the most current anti-intrusion measures. They usually incorporate anti-picking, anti-bumping, anti-drilling, anti-burglary, etc. measures. They are available in different ranges, from the most basic to the highest range with unbreakable keys.

    We especially recommend to install a supplementary high security deadbolt on the door, since by doing so we protect the door doubly and increase its security against the attack by means of lever, besides that the modern deadbolts incorporate most of the anti-intrusion technologies previously mentioned in the cylinders.

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    There are many homes in our country that have, in addition to the front door lock itself, a deadbolt that doubly secures the entrance to the home, while avoiding any kind of vibration of the door due to unavoidable causes such as gusts of wind.

    It is never too much to reinforce the security of our main entrance so, if we have an obsolete ‘multi-point’ system and we do not want to opt for a more modern lock change, we can always reinforce the level of protection with a deadbolt.

    Depending on the material the door is made of, we will use one tool or another to drill the hole: either wood drill bits for wooden doors or metal drill bits for metalized doors.

    If the cylinder of the deadbolt we want to install is cylindrical we will opt for crown bits with a diameter equal to or larger than the diameter of the cylinder and if the cylinder is pear-shaped we will need to make a hole with the same shape which is made with normal bits but with a diameter less than the width of the door of the cylinder.

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    Double quick locksmith
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    If you need to change your keys because you moved house, or because you lost your keys or for any other reason, call us and we will solve it by replacing the cylinder or lock with a new one that has different keys that only you have for your security.

    In addition, we always advise you to install a supplementary lock on your door, and if you have an old Fac type lock, to renew it for a high security one. Your door will be doubly protected, making any intrusion attempt much more difficult.