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Do you tip a locksmith

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    Almost 2,500 euros -including a few euros in tips- is the loot that some thieves have made off with. Somewhere between the CEO scam and express telephone extortion, they managed to get a store employee to consent to opening the safe with a radial saw and then send them the money by making transfers from several ATMs in the city.

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    Applying the CEO scam tactic, the scammer replied that this was not a problem, since he was going to send a locksmith who would open the safe with a radial saw, and not to worry because his manager was aware and in telephone conversation with him to accept each step in real time.

    Soon the ‘locksmith’ arrived and, in just a few minutes, burst the safe. The roar and the dust set off the alarms, which made the mall’s security personnel come, but they did not intervene because the employee explained that they had her permission, since she could not locate the key.


    I called on a Saturday and Extra Locksmith came out the same day. Daniel distributed excellent customer service, courteous and completed the job in 15 minutes. I had a remote key made. Thank you for your service. Daniel is great.

    Benjamin was great. Very patient and knowledgeable. His price beat another locksmith by $50. So that was a plus. Benjamin was concerned about the vehicle and took great care in treating it with care. I will definitely keep his card and pass his name on to others.

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    This is an amazing locksmith service provider. I have recently done a lot of work with their help for my home and I have to say I have been quite impressed. Their staff is very talented and they are very considerate of any requests, if you have any. Truly recommendable service!

    Daniel was amazing! I spent over $800 fixing EVERYTHING on my truck to get it to start. I found out it was the chip in the key. I called Extra Locksmith and Daniel called me right back, he was at my house and working on my key in 20 minutes! He was fast, professional and most of all he knew what to do to get me driving again! I have already sent him business and he wasn’t even gone in 3 minutes! Please call these people!!! He is amazing!


    With no experience other than what I had seen in movies, I pulled out a credit card and opened the front door. I was amazed at how easy it was. I went upstairs thinking that the one at home would be a different story… it took me five seconds to open it.

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    1) As mentioned above, except for very, very special doors, not turning the lock with the keys is like leaving the door open for any thief, no matter how clumsy. Most doors will open with almost anything if they just have the slide, regardless of whether you have an armored, armored, etc. door.

    3) I recommend that in a short time at home you try to open your own door (there may be someone inside and you have the keys). If only for the psychological factor of knowing how easy it is, it is worth it.

    4) Some doors have a little more complicated access to the latch but in general you can access with a hard card, with an x-ray, with a large bottle of cut out frefrescos (in fact this form is very good because it has the curve made), etc…