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Desert valley locksmith

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    Tecni Llave Cerrajeros Tenerife South offers 24 hours service of Opening of doors without breaking, Opening of safes, Installation and repair of locks, Equalization, Amaestramientos, Repair of garage doors with or without motorization.

    Among its services include security doors and windows, fencing of swimming pools and communities, manufacture and installation of grilles, duplicate garage door handles, opening, repair, installation and sale of safes, opening of vehicles, duplicate keys, security padlocks, padlocks for vans adapted to the new regulations of the parcel…

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    We perform locksmith services in Desierto on an urgent and non-urgent basis. If you need a locksmith in Desierto that is urgent whether it is to perform any type of opening, change a lock or repair a shutter, we can arrive within minutes to your location as our locksmiths in Desierto are on mobile units ready to offer fast and efficient service 24hs.

      Superior locksmith

    When a customer is looking for a locksmith service, he knows that he can not fall into inexperienced or improvised hands, that is why we have a first class professional team, with the best specialists in the sector, serious and qualified, our master locksmiths are reliable and always try to give each customer, a solution tailored to their needs, economical and fast.

    One of our advantages are our prices, unbeatable rates that will mean a great ease in resolving those outstanding issues that concern you. That’s why Cerrajero Desierto’s service is a perfect solution, for quality and price, nobody assures you better results.

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    – Mechanical locksmith: Openings of all types, change of cylinders (with or without AMAESTRAMIENTO to the previous keys of the neighbors), repair and change of locks, installation and regulation of springs, electric openings, automatic, high security locks…..

    – Iron, steel and aluminum locksmith: In our workshop we can make structures, metallic closings, motorizations, doors of garages and communities, fences…. All the realizations are painted to the colors that are requested in painting ovens, which give them a perfect finish and a great resistance to the weather and to the hard treatment.

      Freemans locksmith

    – Surveillance and security systems: Installation of perimeter security cameras, recording systems, proximity openings (magnetic cards), built-in security keypads. We have specialized technicians for the installation of all the systems that your communities and companies may request. With all this, we would like you to count on us from this moment to perform any service you may need.

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    From the most remote times, man felt the need to protect himself and already, by closing the entrance of his cave with a huge stone, he gave birth, with this rudimentary system, to a process of improvement that did not stop for centuries and centuries.

    As his belongings increased, so did the risk of theft: a veritable battle of ingenious mechanisms was waged between those who defended what was theirs and those who tried to seize what belonged to others. The result of this struggle is the lock, in which the key, like a tiny magic wand, protects everything with just a slight movement.

      Imperial locksmith

    Locksmiths have been a distinguished class throughout history, being the architects of security systems that amazed their future owners, which included pharaohs, kings, and nobles of various ranks.

    The Roman Empire further developed the creation of locks by creating the first metal locks, which included obstructions that only the correct key could pass through to open the door. The Roman Empire also developed the first U-lock; the Chinese developed a lock independently of the Romans.