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    Davis is a neighborhood in Los Santos that appears in Grand Theft Auto V. It is bordered by Strawberry to the north, Rancho to the east, Chamberlain Hills to the west and Banning to the south. It is controlled by the Ballas, and at some point before the events of the game, the Families were driven out of the neighborhood. It is based in Compton, Los Angeles.

    Davis is a lower-middle class residential and commercial neighborhood. It is a neighborhood burdened by poverty and a high crime rate produced by significant gang violence between the Families and the Ballas, similar to the rest of the neighborhoods in South Los Santos. Streets like Groove Street are heavily patrolled by gangsters.

    The entire neighborhood is heavily controlled by the Ballas, with occasional Families presence on Carson Avenue. If the player enters the blocks near Grove Street, Brouge Avenue and Pacto Avenue, he will fall prey to the Ballas. On the north side of Carson Avenue there is less gang control, but still a Ballas presence. It is known that this neighborhood was previously controlled by the Families.

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    Davies locksmith
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