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    Looking for an authentic destination for your next vacation?  Sri Lanka is the place. Known among backpackers as “the pearl of the Indian Ocean”, this island still enjoys little tourism and is safe to travel to. Explore it and get lost in its tea fields, visit Buddhist and Hindu temples, or surf its almost empty beaches is an experience you won’t forget.

    It is the easiest and cheapest way to tour the island. They say that its route is one of the most beautiful in the world and I attest that it is true. The most spectacular stretch is between the towns of Ella and Kandy, the train meanders along the hills and the scenery is breathtaking.

    Its nature and wildlife have little to envy to that of Kenya, plus a safari in Sri Lanka is much cheaper (45 € per person) and is less crowded. My recommendation: Yala National Park if you want to see leopards, or Minneriya National Park if you prefer to enjoy elephants in the wild.

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    Their basic diet has no luxuries, it is based on rice with chicken or fish (whatever they have caught that day). Normally the food is very spicy, served on banana leaves and eaten by mixing it with your fingers. At first we used cutlery, but after seeing the locals, we were encouraged and I have to say that the food was much tastier! The reason? The flavors meld better and the spiciness, when in contact with the skin, is much milder.

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    How much does it cost to live in New York? The answer is: it depends: It depends on what kind of life you want to lead. The city can be for rich millionaires but also for poor people who go to eat at all the events, or drink free coffee in the waiting rooms of the hotels.

    And to be alone? If I wanted to live alone, with 1500 dollars, I would find something in Queens, in Astoria, or also in Brooklyn, like in Bushwick or Harlem. To find something in downtown Manhattan (Village, Soho) you must have at least from $1800 a month, but it is more possible to find something from $2000 and up. If you are looking for a modern building, a residential high-rise, then you should have $2500.

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    To conclude the basic expenses, you should pay for electricity and internet. As mentioned above, you share the apartment with tenants, so you don’t spend much. The internet costs a total of $72 per month, but divided by three, he pays $24. For electricity she realizes that she pays about 40 dollars a month in winter (only her share), while in summer she pays between 60-70 dollars for the air conditioning.

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    It only took some ‘big’ to be launched to be followed by a multitude of breweries that today are worldwide references in the world of craft beer. Some such as Stone Brewing, Beavertown, Brooklyn Brewery, Brewdog, Mikkeller… bet on the format and today they succeed, in part, thanks to this gesture.

    But you don’t have to go that far to find good references that shatter the myth that beer in cans is bad beer. At home we have Arriaca, which since 2016 cans its beers, having today in its catalog all its recipes covered except its Russian Imperial Stout and Rye. They were born in 2014, but since their foundation they studied the market and the use of the can.

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    Cheap locksmith brooklyn
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