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    From locksmiths in Asturias El Trasgu we have springs for instant installation in all types of doors always looking for the quality that allow to combine durability on the one hand with the precision in the closing of your door without sudden changes in speed and even regulating the final blow through thermostatic valves capable of stabilizing the pressure of the hydraulic fluid compensating the differences in temperature and viscosity that occur as a result of sudden changes in ambient temperatures that affect especially in our area of action Asturias, so we repair door springs in Asturias.

    Our springs have characteristics that make them invariable to wind gusts. We also have motorized springs by electric drive that provide a plus of comfort to users all protected with the anti-catching system that makes that upon detection of obstacles resumes its march towards the opening of the door.

    You can consult us about door spring repair at any time, because we have 24 hour emergency locksmith service even on weekends or holidays. Contact now with locksmiths in Asturias El Trasgu.

    Car locksmiths

    Winter is the coldest of the four seasons, temperatures are very low and there are fewer hours of sunlight, and due to the meteorological phenomenon that is a drop in ambient temperature to levels below freezing point of water, this causes the water or steam that is in the air to freeze.

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    This is the reason why those objects that are outdoors like cars, freeze some parts, such as the lock, which brings us a great inconvenience, and is that we can not move it until we look for the solution.

    It is a simple trick and will help you avoid having to hire the services of a locksmith when you can not open the car door because the lock was frozen, you just need to get a hair dryer.

    Plug in and turn on your hair dryer, regulate the air that comes out as hot as possible, direct the dryer directly to the car lock, and make some circular movements to defrost the lock gradually, and in a few minutes you will be able to open the car door and move to where you need to go.

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    If you need locksmiths who provide service in Salinas, in our team we are self-employed locksmiths and professionals who provide locksmith service at home directly in Salinas and other towns in Asturias as Piedras Blancas or San Juan de la Arena. Always with the utmost seriousness and taking care of the cleanliness in our work.

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    In the case of the shutters or automatism, the opening and unlocking services are usually caused by lack of proper preventive maintenance of the shutter or for having been the victim of sabotage.

    Sometimes customers in Salinas or any other town in Asturias request the assistance of our locksmiths because they have lost their car keys and can not open their vehicle, other times the key is left inside the trunk and it is impossible to access the interior.

    Safes and safes, as well as other types of security devices such as gun safes, are present in homes and businesses in Salinas. And it is that for a low price you can keep our belongings safe, free from access by outsiders.

    Car locksmith tempe
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    Have you left your keys in the ignition or have you lost them? Don’t panic, here are six tricks to open the car door without keys. Be careful, most of them only work for older vehicles, as central locking makes things much more difficult…

    Don’t worry, thieves already know these six tricks to open your car door without a key, so we are not going to discover anything new. Our intention is the opposite: that you can access your vehicle if you have lost the keys, if you have left them inside or if you are extremely cautious so that you do not fall victim to the friends of the unwary.

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    6. With a tennis ballOne of the coolest (and most debated) methods to unlock a car door. You’ll have to drill a hole in the ball, so a power drill or screwdriver would do the trick. Place the tennis ball, with the hole over the top of the keyhole, and push.  The pressure created on the ball will force your car to unlock. This tennis ball method has over a million views on YouTube, but does it really work?