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Car locksmith detroit


    We open all types of doors: no matter if you left the keys inside or if you misplaced them, our certified technicians are prepared to deal with all types of locks, security systems and situations. There is no door we can’t handle.

    Certified and updated technicians: not all cars are the same, each brand and model has its particularities, so a car locksmith must be constantly updated and learning. Our expert auto locksmith technicians are committed to quality service, so they are up to date and can service all types of vehicles, from the most modern to the most classic.


    Nowadays, a car must be synonymous of security. As time goes by, new technologies allow the creation of new devices for the care of our patrimony, such is the case of vehicles. Our car keys can become misconfigured, damaged, broken or, in the worst case, lost, but there is a solution for all of this.

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    Chevrolet is an automobile brand based in the United States belonging to the General Motors group. It was born from the alliance of Louis Chevrolet and William Crapo Durant on November 3, 1911,1 in the United States, manufacturing first rugged automobiles and later low-cost models.

    The Ford Motor Company, better known simply as Ford, is an American multinational automobile manufacturer based in Dearborn (Michigan, United States). It was founded on June 16, 1903 by Henry Ford in Detroit (Michigan). It currently offers two hybrid models: the Ford Fusion (in the United States) and the Ford Escape.

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    After months of trying to get Best Buy to fix the starter motor on my Viper car, I had no idea Fred had remote start. I called and was told to bring my car in and they would take a look. 20 minutes later, the starter was fixed. After that great experience, I called them to do some new locks for my business and man, they are very fairly priced. Excellent business and excellent staff. 5 STARS.

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    Fast and excellent service! I called Fred’s Key Shop on a Thursday afternoon and they came out on Friday to rekey two locks on a house I just bought. Vanessa was the tech and worked fast and was very knowledgeable. I would definitely use them again.

    Prompt and courteous service. Very reasonable prices. In Detroit proper, they are not overpriced per location. And they are even practicing social distancing with seats, masks and sneeze guard in use.

    I have an old door and lock mechanism that stopped working properly and actually locked us in the well of the house. He was able to repair it and cut me 3 keys for the deadbolt. The price was less than I expected to pay. I am very happy to have my front door working again.

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    No matter how cautious you are, leaving your keys inside your car has happened at least once in your life, and how many times have you lost the keys to your home, office, car, once, twice or multiple times? In the United States of America 4,580 car keys are lost every day!

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    The potential of creating a Locksmith Business is possibly a good business to create, as locksmiths and key technology is constantly changing, but we humans keep losing our keys.

    Naturally, people are worried and scared. As a result, locksmithing is not only one of the new “in demand” businesses, it is fast becoming one of the most profitable businesses for entrepreneurs with not too much capital to invest.

    Today’s locksmiths are generally well versed in basic mathematics and electronics. They almost always have to be, what with the new types of locks being introduced. Today’s locksmiths are more likely to be known as “security specialists,” then just ordinary locksmiths, as in the past.