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Can a locksmith program a mercedes key

    My Mercedes key does not work

    Our locksmiths have the necessary materials and the most technological tools to get access to your vehicle quickly and cleanly. In addition, we have a long professional experience, which gives us the necessary experience to carry out the locksmith service for automobiles.

    We take care of all the jobs you may need when looking for a car locksmith: copy of remotes, duplicate car keys… In addition, we also offer you a 24 hour car locksmith service, to cover any incidence that may arise at any time or place.

    By having a duplicate car key you will get a greater convenience, for example, in the case of more than one person who needs to use it. A perfect way for all the drivers of the vehicle to have a set at their fingertips or to avoid having to resort to a 24 hour car locksmith when the car keys are left inside the vehicle.

    The copy of the car key fob ensures that you will always have the convenience that this device offers, being able to have it available to the different users who use the vehicle, as well as having a spare in case of breakdown of the main one. An excellent option from which many customers benefit.

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    Mercedes phone

    We put at your disposal your replacement with direct Mercedes key copy guarantee. You can go directly to our auto locksmith establishment or contact us, your savings will be considerable.

    We are able to copy Mercedes keys replacing smart keys for all models. Our auto locksmiths use specialized diagnostic equipment to program Mercedes transponder keys and copying for remote central locking control. Below you can see a list of the most common models we work with:

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    Duplicate sprinter key

    Losing your car key or it stops working should not necessarily imply a visit to the official dealer. The smartest thing to do is to go to a trusted locksmith because they will get you out of trouble for a very reasonable price, and in record time, something that is always appreciated. It is not necessary, therefore, to make a copy of car keys, to put ourselves in the hands of the technical service of the official dealer in which, normally, everything ends up becoming more expensive.

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    Sometimes it will not even be necessary to make a duplicate of the key, with repairing or replacing the casing, it will be enough. And very economical, because nowadays the prices of the casings are usually very low.

    However, if the problem is more serious, a good locksmith will also be able to solve it. For example, when it is necessary to encode the key through the immobilizer module, which is the one that has all the information. By having the necessary hardware and software tools to obtain a coded chip, it will be very easy for the locksmith to make a copy of car keys, and it will help you save a considerable amount of money because acquiring a new remote control in the house has a much higher price.

    Mercedes-benz complaint

    Nowadays most vehicles are opened remotely by means of remote controls. These remotes usually also incorporate the traditional key, so they can be used to open and close the car from a distance or to do it physically.

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    Car owners will know how important it is that these remote control keys are always in good condition to avoid unpleasant surprises and being stranded in the middle of a place without being able to open your car. Therefore, one of the specialties we offer in Locksmith Veloz is the duplicate keys with remote control of high-end cars, such as Mercedes.

    In our locksmiths in Vigo, Nigrán and Salceda we carry out various repairs and duplicate keys with remote control of cars of all kinds, so you always have a spare and the security of a second alternative to any emergency. We are specialized in the copy of keys of medium range vehicles, as well as cars belonging to prestigious brands such as Mercedes and BMW.