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Can a locksmith make a house key without the original

    How to make a copy of a homemade key

    The first technique, very simple, is to create a mold from a modeling putty. You can use any putty that, when it dries, does not lose its shape, that is: it does not expand or contract.

    You can also use a simple toilet soap. Give it a little heat, with a hair dryer, to loosen and soften the surface. Then, place the key in the center and tap it to shape its forms. Again, create a mold for each face of the key to capture and copy the shapes of its grooves.

    Then, create the mold with cold porcelain, craft putty, two component putty, or just soap, take the mold to the locksmith to create his own key, guided by his experience.

    If the key is rather flat, that is, if it does not have special grooves on its sides, you can simply create an impression of one side, to create a copy of its teeth. The importance of creating a mold for each face of the spade key is to be able to capture in the creation these side grooves that give more security in the lock.

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    It is possible to make a key without having a copy

    Security doors have a special lock that makes it more difficult to have a master key or a way to force it to access the interior. In that sense the keys that are given to you when you install the door or change the lock are important because, as we say, all the keys that we will give you are uncopyable if we stick to them as a model to make a copy.

    In our locksmith we comply with all the necessary management protocols to shape the duplicates of security keys. Depending on the lock model or its opening system, each key involves going through a series of procedures or meeting specific requirements to shape a functional duplicate. All this, although it may seem tedious, does nothing but increase the security in our home. All the more reason to bet on Fichet and our security doors.

    In this sense, although it is true that making a duplicate security key is always a little more complex and expensive than making a conventional key, the truth is that in many cases the cheap can be expensive. Having conventional keys can make your home more easily accessible. In an oversight someone can take advantage to copy your house key without you noticing it and have a non-violent way to access the inside of your home.

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    How to make a key without the key

    With plastic bottles we have seen almost everything, even surfboards. But I must confess that I would never have thought of using one to make a copy of a key. You have the option of plastic or aluminum option that we just discovered recently, if you can also make copies of keys with aluminum cans.

    A procedure that seems in essence very complicated and it turns out that with scarce resources we can do it in a homemade way. A disturbing proof of the security that certain types of keys can provide us.

    A car key can be made without copying

    Thanks to the advanced technology we have great advances in security, cylinders, locks and anchorages that offer us some guarantee to protect the home. In addition, in case of problems due to loss or breakage, today we have the possibility of copying all types of keys, however complex their mechanics, which can be a great peace of mind, but has a somewhat dangerous reverse side, because what happens otherwise, what happens if we do not want copies of our keys to be reproduced without permission?

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    This can be looked at from the point of view of the owner, but fear can also arise for the potential tenant, who receives standard keys that are easily duplicated anywhere and may not feel well protected.

    There comes a point where it is impossible to have some control over the copies of keys that exist or the hands into which they may have fallen. Without a doubt, it is necessary to consider a system of access control to the premises, which allows to control who can access and when.