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Can a locksmith make a car key without the original

    How to make a double paddle wrench without the original one

    Have you lost your car keys? Do you need a copy urgently? Do not worry because in Cerrajería Veloz we live up to our name and will not take more than 15 minutes to make simple keys and about two hours in those that require more complication.

    We are a 24 hour locksmith company in Vigo, Nigrán, Salceda and we operate throughout the southern area of Pontevedra. We are available 365 days to solve all your problems of opening doors, lock changes, duplicate keys (both homes and businesses, such as cars), and any other aspect of security and maintenance of communities.

    It is always advisable to have two copies of our car keys. Therefore, in case of loss or deterioration of any of them, in Cerrajería Veloz we offer you the best key and remote control copy service. Currently, 99% of the keys can be duplicated, although not all stores have the necessary technology to be able to copy any key. This is not the case of our locksmith in Vigo, Nigrán and Salceda, where we have all the necessary tools to help you.

    Key copy without sample price

    If so, you have come to the right place. In Juanjo Cerrajeros Alicante, besides being experts in car key duplication, we also have the most advanced technology to repair or duplicate remote controls of any brand of vehicles.

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    It happens sometimes that a car remote control suddenly stops working. To verify that the problem is in the remote control and not in the vehicle’s security control unit, there are 2 tests we can perform, depending on the model of the car.

    If it is a remote control that emits infrared, we can turn on the camera of the cell phone and while we see the infrared emitter of the remote control, on the screen of the cell phone, we press any button, we should see a beam of light through the screen, which without it is invisible to the human eye.

    If on the other hand the remote control of our car works by radio frequency, you could try with a portable radio, in the AM option and with the dial in the low part, that is to say, to about 530 khz. With the radio turned on, we approach the remote control to the coil of the radio device that we should find in the area farthest from the speaker, and when pressing any button of the car key-control, the radio will produce interferences, similar to a beep, which will cease once we stop pressing the buttons of the remote control of our car.

    I lost my car keys and I don’t have a copy chile

    Do you need to get a copy of keys urgently and if possible in less than 24 hours because you have lost your original keys, the copies you had and you need to move with the car? We will explain these questions and some more in this post.

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    It seems unbelievable but having a copy of keys is crucial to keep your daily life in a normal state. Generally, all people have already acquired some habits: wake up, have breakfast, take the car and go to work.

    But imagine that a few days ago you lost your original keys, you had to use the copy you had since you bought the car and unfortunately you can’t find it no matter how many times you look for it. In the end you give up and realize that you have lost them.

    In that case, what can you do? Is your case no longer solvable? We cannot promise you that you will arrive on time to work or to the appointment you have, but we can promise you that you will have your copy of the keys in less than 24 hours.

    In addition, being specialists, their prices are more reasonable and they also assure you a 24 hours service, that is, in a matter of a few hours you will be able to enjoy your keys and go to your destination without any problem.

    Car key duplication without chip

    It’s happened to us too, we admit it, however, we always end up getting it again or using the copy. And it turns out to be essential at times like when we want to open an unlocked storage room door.

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    This is a very good question, and surely, if you asked your neighbor he may have told you that you should change the lock. We have an article on how to fix a lock that won’t open.

    Locksmithing is an art, and locksmiths are the ones in charge of carrying it out, applying different techniques to be able to open all kinds of locks, they are even able to copy a key from a lock without having the sample key.

    But if you were the victim of a robbery, and they have taken your wallet and keys, surely you want to be able to enter your house and of course, change the key, the best of all is that you don’t need to change the whole lock.

    One of the ways to make a key copy is the computerized method, which is the most expensive of all, but the most effective when it comes to making a copy of a key directly into the lock.