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Can a locksmith fix a bent key

    My motorcycle key is bent

    Can the key be copied? Sometimes stores try to copy keys that cannot be copied on regular key blanks. Normal locksmiths cannot copy certain types of keys, such as keys for Primus locks, college dorm room keys, and apartment keys.

    Is the salesman sure he got it right? You can sometimes tell whether or not the salesperson is sure the key will work. Sometimes, if the salesperson takes a long time, or not at all, they may have picked the wrong key blank.

    Did your original key break or get bent? Sometimes, you can make a copy of a broken or bent key. The locksmith should figure out the number combination of your lock and cut you a new one completely if it broke in the wrong place or if the machine can’t hold the broken pieces.

    How to straighten a car key

    One day you notice that you’re having a hard time inserting the key into the door lock. Or it doesn’t fit at all. Or it doesn’t turn. Or so many other possibilities that immediately cause you an avoidable shock, fearing for the safety of your home or your access to it. It has happened to all of us at some time or another.

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    That’s why it’s good to know what kind of problems are the most common among our domestic locks, what causes them and how we can easily solve them. Do any of the following ring a bell?

    Come on, let’s start by ruling out the most obvious option, but are you sure it’s the right key? OK, it is. Maybe your door has a combination mechanism and you need to turn the key while operating the knob. In that case, try moving the knob up and down before opening/closing, at different times each time to find the ideal friction point.

    Very carefully and without levering it so as not to bend the key (otherwise it will break inside and make the problem worse), grasp its handle as best you can and pull it tightly – and with control – towards you. Moving it from side to side gently as you do this can help you pull it out. If you find it difficult to grasp it to pull it out, use pliers.

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    Bent motorcycle key

    Dec172019TutorialsImagine you go to start your car and you find it impossible to turn the key, would you know how to tell why it happens, and more importantly, would you know how to fix it? Even if it has never happened to you, you should know that this problem is much more frequent than you might think. In this article we are going to talk about the different reasons why it can happen, the solutions that may be in your hand or in the hand of your trusted mechanic and the new technologies that help to avoid this type of mishaps.

    We can not talk about a possible cause, as there are several factors that may be causing the problem; it could be the poor condition of the key, the steering wheel lock, the lock is worn by use, or problems with the steering column … let’s stop and analyze each of them:

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    Fix car lock

    The price depends on many factors; the cost of the blank key is the first to consider. For locks with electronic or proprietary components, the cost of the blank key usually takes up the largest proportion of the total duplication cost.

    The simplest method of duplication requires the locksmith in horta to possess every piece of the key in order to rebuild it. In some circumstances the key may break so that it becomes impossible to access the slotted blade, the most important part.

    As in other areas, the most important part of duplicating a broken key is finding the right professional. If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact your trusted local locksmith.