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    If you have any kind of problem with your lock, you notice that it is not working properly or it is quite difficult to open the door, call us and we will inform you of the best solution for your case and we will advise you the best possible solution instantly.

    Sometimes, for one reason or another, you need to change your house keys. Surely at the moment you make the decision the first thing that comes to your mind is that you have to change the lock, when in fact you only have to change the cylinder. Many people confuse changing the cylinder with changing the lock. But, memorize this: you can change the key without changing the lock and change the lock without changing the key in 08019 BARCELONA.

    Let’s analyze your situation: You have lost your keys close to home and you want to change your keys: In many occasions you will get a change of cylinder. Other times, however, we are not interested in the change of keys, but our cylinder if it needs to be renewed. Did you know that you can change the cylinder without changing the keys: If you live in a community of neighbors and the cylinder of the portal needs a change, this will come in handy. Imagine the commotion if every neighbor had to buy a new key… You are the president of the community: Then study also the possibility of master key systems.

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    I just closed on my new home last night and needed a locksmith to change the locks quickly. I was recommended Miami Doors and Locks and the locksmith came and did the job. He did the job on time and I now have a new set of keys and locks that will last me a long time.

    I had to call Miami Doors & Locks several times for some problems with the locks on my storefront doors. Their service has always been fast, friendly, thorough and affordable. I wouldn’t call anyone else.

    Thank you so much for saving my night!. I locked myself out of my car. Alex responded immediately and arrived within 15 minutes to my location. He had me back in the car within 5 minutes. Amazing service and very nice guy. I’m impressed, very satisfied with the service. highly recommend MIAMI DOORS AND LOCK!

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    Best quality service, super professional and fast response time! I’ve used Quality Locksmith for several jobs and they always deliver! Highly recommend for all your locksmith related needs, whether home, office or vehicle. A +


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    Brandt locksmith

    Our technicians will come to the address you provide to take measurements. You can choose between different models and colors and we will install them as soon as possible. Guaranteed quality.

    The most common models are extensible closures (scissor type), these are used for premises or houses in windows and terraces. We can manufacture them with the lower folding guide or with rotating leaves.

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    We can also install or repair blind or visible roller shutters, they can be made of steel or aluminum. The closings with visibility can be micro-perforated, die-cut or with rods.

    We take care of the repairs immediately in <%POBLACION%> and surroundings. The most frequent problems are usually: Very hard locks, malfunction of the knob, hooked lock, does not stay up, strange noises, the lock does not work, goes up crooked ….

    This gives us security and speed. Since this way we can open different locks in a much faster way in case of any emergency. This system in large buildings offers us security and comfort, since in this way we do not have to carry many keys.